Gameplay Edit

You mostly play as Cat God, who is constantly under attack from the Sun King's mass army of various enemies. Your goal is to survive his army until the Sun King arrives himself and then you defeat him.

There's a random chance that you'll receive a hat, which boost certain stats, but only one can be worn so you have to choose which one is best for each respectable level.

Sequel Edit

  • On July 25, 2011, the original was published.

Badges Edit

Cat God vs Sun King 2 Sun Set on the Sun King badge
  Sun Set on the Sun King Badge
Easy pts
Cat God vs Sun King 2 » Defeat on the Sun King in level 2
Cat God vs Sun King 2 Cat in Some Hats badge
  Cat in Some Hats Badge
Medium pts
Cat God vs Sun King 2 » Collect 8 Hats
Cat God vs Sun King 2 Monarch Mow Down badge
  Monarch Mow Down Badge
Medium pts
Cat God vs Sun King 2 » Defeat the Sun King once and for all

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