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Castle Crashing "The Beard" is an action platform-based game.

Developed by BomToons and published on May. 01, 2008.

Its medium badge Fulp Fiction is a part of Epic Quest .


You play the game as a knight fighting a flying bearded head. The head represents Tom Fulp, the creator of
Screenshot 22 who vowed not to shave his face until the release of his next console game "Castle Crashers"  for the X-Box 360 live-arcade. 

The game introduces three bars, two are for HP of both you and your enemy. The third bar represents magic bar which increases over time making your loaded shot by holding "A" more powerful. You have 3 lives.

The goal is to defeat the head and earn XP in the process, which will grant you a level up to a new character with a new weapon and magic attack. XP earning is progressive, meaning you gain 1 XP for the first hit, 2 XP for the second and so on... You can earn XP by hitting tombstones scattered along the land, as well. 
Screenshot 13

The battle takes a place in a limited space, having three locations within. Left, right (both having two platforms) and the middle.

As mentioned, you have two types of attacks, one with your weapon and other is with magic. While the flying head has:

  • A plain attack with the beard when you come near.
  • An attack where the beard rotates and the head follows you. 
  • Laser beam attack at two levels, one up and one down. (The sign of this attack is when the head moves to the edge of one side, either right or left). You can
    dodge both, the lower level with jumping over the highest platform and the upper level by jumping off.
  • Falling bread when the head exits the top of the screen. You can survive this attack by standing under a platform and dodge the bouncing bread. 
  • When the head is beaten, it will turn into a skull with one attack, which is shooting fireballs in 8 directions on the left, the right and the middle of the screen. 


Press "A" to attack/navigate menus.

Arrow keys to move - Up to jump.


Character Weapon Level up XP
1. Blue knight Plunger Initial character
2. Green knight Mace 100
3. Red knight Axe 250
4. Golden knight Spear 650
5. Pink knight Lollipop 950


  • Dodging laser beam requires jumping on and off platforms, but the space between them is small, making it
    hard to reach them.
  • The hard badge requires beating the game in under 4 minutes, but there is no timer to tell the gamers when to stop if they have failed.
  • Leveling up character should bring some reward, like extra lives. 
  • Lolli
    The final character was disappointing, having a pink knight with a lollipop.


Wool Whacker
  Wool Whacker Badge
Easy pts
Castle Crashing "The Beard" » Level up
  Fulp Fiction Badge
Medium pts
Castle Crashing "The Beard" » Defeat Tom Fulp
  Speed Razor Badge
Hard pts
Castle Crashing "The Beard" » Defeat Tom Fulp in under 4 minutes

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