Canabalt is a single-button platformer where you jump from rooftop to rooftop in order to survive.


You live in this pixel city, and it is being destroyed by robots. Your goal is to outrun the demolition of your city using a single button. You can sometimes see the robots walking and shooting lasers in the background, and they can knock metal "grinders" in front of you.


X/C/Spacebar = Jump

+/- = Volume up/down

0 = Mute

1 = Console (?)

Click offscreen = Pause menu with controls.


You are the little man in the Michael Jackson outfit. Your job is to run as far as you can. You will encounter many obstacles along your way:

  • White/grey objects - Cause you to slow down, but not die. Preset on roof.
  • Dark gray 'grinders' - Crash from the sky, you must jump over or you will die.
  • Crumbling building - Building will sink as you run across it, you must jump higher than normal.
  • Birds - White birds (doves?) which scatter as you run by them causing a beautiful distraction.
  • Window - Most hated obstacle, you must time your jump so that you crash through the window (jumping too high or low will kill you).

The game speeds up as you get farther, you can counter that by carefully hitting white/grey objects at the right moments. Kongregate awards achievements for reaching certain distances although many players will continue playing after getting their badge.


  Thousand Meter Dash Badge
Easy pts
Canabalt » Run 1,000 meters in a single run
  Runner's High Badge
Hard pts
Canabalt » Run 5,000 meters during a single run


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