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The game is a typical launcher game. The protagonist Bison has been kidnapped, taken to Candyland and is being forced to fight in ring combat. Fortunately, he has a plan of escape, using the ropes in the fighting ring as a slingshot.


You launch the bison through the air, bouncing off the gummibears running around and reaching a great distance. Any cash earned from the launch are used for upgrades to fly longer and increase the length of your travel. The goal is to reach far enough to escape Candyland. You begin each launch attempt in the ring. Follow the spinning power gage at the top of the screen to determine the best time to launch, then click your mouse or press space. Monitor your speed with the gage at the bottom left corner of the screen as you bounce and fly as far towards freedom as possible. You will slow down if you hit solid ground or heavily-armored Candy-cops, instead of squishy gummi-folk. Your only tool to prevent losing speed is using on of your limited number of body-slams, which will recharge as you squash the panicked mobs of Candyland. Other power-ups will appear on the screen that will aid you in your flight, and you can purchase other power-ups and upgrades between launch attempts with cash recovered from squished Candylanders during your rampage.


Gummies in My Tummy
  Gummies in My Tummy Badge
Easy pts
Burrito Bison » Crush 100 total gummy bears
Breaking Jawbreaker's Jaw
  Breaking Jawbreaker's Jaw Badge
Easy pts
Burrito Bison » Achieve a perfect launch 10 times
Impacted Sweet Tooth
  Impacted Sweet Tooth Badge
Medium pts
Burrito Bison » Achieve 3 sweet impacts during a single launch
Candyland Breakthrough
  Candyland Breakthrough Badge
Medium pts
Burrito Bison » Escape from Candyland

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