Boxhead: 2Play Rooms is a zombie shooter that has multiplayer functionality. The game is the fourth in the Boxhead series, but the first one with multiplayer.


The game is a top-down view shooter. Your character is keyboard controlled. You can play with your friend against the zombies and devils, or make your friend the enemy. Zombies appear in waves and you and your friends have to gun them down. On each level, there are exploding barrels and boxes with ammo. You can pick up the boxes of ammo by walking on top of them. They respawn after a certain amount of time. The more waves you defeat on a level, the more guns become available. The higher your multiplier gets, the more your guns are upgraded. There are 10 weapons in total.

There are three game modes: Single player, Cooperative, and Death Match. Single player plays just like the previous games in the Boxhead series, in which it is you against the undead. The Cooperative game mode lets you team up with another player against the zombies. In Death Match mode, you fight against another player. Since the game does not offer online multiplayer, both players have to play on the same computer and have to move around on the same screen. There are four playable characters in the game: Bambo, Bon, Bind and Bert.


Meaning of Death
  Meaning of Death Badge
Medium pts
Boxhead: 2Play Rooms » Learn the meaning of life, the universe and everything by killing your way to level 42

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