Bowmaster Prelude is a tactical warfare game which revolves around shooting arrows and training soldiers to destroy the opponent's castle. This game concept later inspired games like Age of War and the Epic War series. The game was designed by Jason Reinsvold from


Your castle is armed with a gigantic bow and can use different types of magical arrows to defeat your enemy. You shoot by pulling the string back with your mouse. This makes aiming more of a challenge, but there are three other shooting modes to make aiming easier.

There are three ways to defeat your opponent and complete the level. Your troops can reach the opponent's castle, take their flag and get it back to your castle, you may destroy the opponent's castle with your bow or you may just kill all your opponent's troops and survive the wave. Completing a level rewards you with gold to spend on upgrades. There are 13 arrow types and 6 unit types that you can unlock by spending gold.


Death From Above
  Death From Above Badge
Easy pts
Bowmaster Prelude » Kill 100 enemies
Shot Through the Heart
  Shot Through the Heart Badge
Medium pts
Bowmaster Prelude » Deal 600 damage with a single arrow shot
Bowmaster Master
  Bowmaster Master Badge
Hard pts
Bowmaster Prelude » Complete all 30 stages

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