Boss Slayer is a 2012 shooter action game. Idea, design, and programming were made by Awoke & sussepudim. The goal of the game is to destroy a series of bosses while dodging projectiles and collecting money to upgrade your ship.


10 giant spaceships are coming to attack Earth. You have to destroy them all in less than 12 days. When you die, you'll be resurrected and you’ll keep all the money you got.


You begin the game choosing either Easy or Normal difficulty. Easy allows you unlimited time to complete the game while normal only gives you 12 days to win. You can also choose between two sets of controls, navigating using the mouse or steering using WASD on your keyboard. After selecting your difficulty and controls, you will be greeted by the workshop which you can use to purchase upgrades to achieve greater firepower against the bosses. You begin with 20 dollars in cash allowing you to buy one of two upgrades. Continuing into the game you are faced with a series of bosses, your goal is to dodge projectiles and collect money. Once a fraction of the enemy's health is depleted, they will drop health and cash but also increase their attacks and attack speed. When you die, you'll be resurrected with the money you have earned from your previous attempt. Various upgrades include, increasing rate of fire, additional bullets per shoot, increase movement speed, more lives, make more money, and collect items from distance.


Use the mouse to play or alternatively the arrow keys (if chosen) Press M to mute the music.


Destroy a series of bosses as fast as you can and save the Earth in this Retro Bullet Hell. Keep upgrading the ship to get awesome firepower.


NOV 23, 2013 8:52AM Our new game has been annouced! Watch the trailer of PHOENIX FORCE

MAY 14, 2012 4:44PM Fixed few bugs.

MAY 11, 2012 8:32PM Easy mode: unlimited time to finish the game.


Two out of Ten Ain't Bad
  Two out of Ten Ain't Bad Badge
Easy pts
Boss Slayer » Beat the first two bosses
Who's The Boss.
  Who's the Boss? Badge
Medium pts
Boss Slayer » Slay every boss

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