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Book of Mages: The Dark Times is a turn-based RPG in which you play as a mage. This game is the sequel to Book of Mages: The Chaotic Period.


Your character is a mage from one of six clans. The game revolves around going to arenas and defeating other mages in turn-based combat in order to raise your rank. Your main goal is to guide your young mage to the top ranking in the titular Book of Mages.

When it comes to combat, you have four basic moves: high attack, low attack and high and low defensive moves. On top of that you'll be able to get higher level magics which can give you additional hits for your attacks or shields for when you defend. Finally, each clan has its own special moves. The most basic is usually a status effect causing attack which will help give you an edge over your opponents if you get locked in a stalemate. The Fire clans are Dark Wood, Chaos Desert and Burning Hill. The Water clans are Great Sea, Poison Water and Ice Land. Each city you can travel to is represented by one of the clans.

The game isn't all battling and climbing the social-magical ladder. As you go along and particularly when you explore the parts of a city you'll encounter different events. How you respond to these events will effect how people feel toward you, can yield items or skill points and in some cases effect the direction of the story.Are you ready to make a legend story?             



Mana Orb

Increase MANA by 3 points.

Power Orb

Increase BASIC POWER by 1 point.

Mana Stone

Increase MANA by 5 points

High Mage's Staff

Increase BASIC POWER LIFE and MANA by 1 point

Life Stone

Increase Life by 5 points

Book of White Magic

Increase All Defending Bolts by 1

Blood Stone

Increase Life by 5 points

White Mage Talisman

Increase BASIC POWER, LIFE and MANA by 2 points.

Assasin's Ring

Increase MANA and LIFE by 2 points

Damaging Orb

Increase POWER by 1 point.

Blood Ring

Increase LIFE by 4

Great Sea Orb

Increase All Defending Bolts by 1

Chaos Desert Orb

Increase All Attacking Bolts by 1.

Bloodfreeze Earring

Increase POWER LIFE by 1

Talisman of Mercenary

Increase MANA and LIFE by 3 points.

Ring of All Rings

Increase SPECIAL POINTS gained each turn by 5

Life Orb

Increase LIFE by 3 points



How to get it


White Mage

Win the White Robe elections

You are now knows as White Mage, the leader of White Robes.

Black Mage

Win final battle as black robes with poison in you

You are known as Black Mage, the leader of Black Robes

Great Mage

Get neutral ending and win against all mages, get black ending with poison cleansed in you, or get white ending and win.

You are known as Great Mage, the leader of all mages

The Wanted

Lose to Greenroot as a Black Robe. Lose to Bloodster while informing Corpsedusk.

The Great Mage has ordered to hunt you. Both White and Black Robes want to kill you.

Master of Magic

Learn all spells.

You have mastered all spells of your clan. You are now known as the Master of Magic in your clan.

Hermit Refuse to go to Great Sea as Neutral and lose against silverhorror.

You prefer lives in the wilderness. Power and fame means nothing to you


Refuse to go to Great Sea as Neutral and win against silverhorror.

Rumors that you are the most powerfull mage in the world and you have even defeated the Great Mage once, but you have no desire for power of fame and choose to live in the wilderness


Go through the game without winning any matches or getting any other titles.

You have done nothing remarkable. You are an ordinary mage. You have no special talent. You are just 1 of a thousand mages. Nobody remembers you. You are a nobody.

Black Robe Spy

Lose during the White Robe mission, then join the Black Robes and go back to Burning Hill

You betrayed the White Robes. You are a Black Robes Spy.


Kill more than 20 mages

You have killed more than 20 mages. You love killing. You enjoy killing. You are a mage hunger for blood.


Recruit 5 people.

You have recruited many mages to join your side. You are indeed salesman of the year.

White Robe Mage

Join White Robes

You have joined White Robes. You want to overthrow the Great Mage and disband the evil Black Robes.

Black Robe mage

Join Black Robes

You have joined the Black Robes. You want power and fame, you dont mind killing some innocent mages or doing some evil deeds.

White Robe Traitor

Join the Black Robes after losing in the White Robe Hawklight mission, or disobey Soundinghorn after losing the Election

You have betrayed the White Robes. You are now a Black Robe.

The Fearless

As a white robe, lose to the assassin who kill Hawklight and refuse to join the black robes

You are not afraid of death. People called you the Fearless Mage.

The New Hope

Complete the White Robe Hawklight Mission, the title is gained before talking to Burnghost

Iceroot, a famous White Robe Mage, thinks highly of you. Rumors you are The Hope of White Robes. Rumors you will lead White Robes to victory.

Talented Mage

Get chosen to Young Mage Contest.

You are the most talented among all young mages in your clan. You represent your clan to participate in the Young Mage Contest.

Rising Star

Win the Young Mage Contest.

You won the Young Mage Contest. You are the rising star.

Great Mage (Black)

Win the Great Mage election as Black Robe (your poison must be cleansed), or win the final battle as Black Robe Leader and then lose to neutral mages

You have become the enw Great Mage and the new leader of Black Robes. However many mages not in Black Robes do not recognise you as the Great Mage.

Great Mage (White)

Finish the game as leader of the White robes and do not fight the neutral mages after the Great Sea War, or lose to them

You were elected as the Great Mage through votes, but there are some neutral mages who think they are more powerfull than you and do not recognise you as the Great Mage.

Thief Kill Windsailor and spare Witchthorn. You are a famous thief.


Accept the Chaos Sand Orb from the gravedigger

You steal from the tombs. You are known as the Grave Digger.

Guardian of the Grave

Defeat the gravedigger both times

You have guarded the graves from thieves. All the dead are grateful to you.

Evil's Nightmare

(As Neutral) After the announcement of Waveharp's capture, go to the dark alley of Ice Land, then the dark alley of Dark Wood, choose the White Robe side both times.

You have killed many evil mages. you are the evil's nightmare.

Neutral Mage

During the above events, help neither side both times

You help neither the Black Robes or the White Robes. You are a true neutral mage.


During the above events, help the Black Robes both times

You will kill anything if the price is right. You are now known as the Mercenary.

Number One

Become rank 1 on Book of Mages

You ranked number one on the book of mages. you are the most powerful mage.

Avenger Do not forgive the assassin after the Young Mage contest, then go to Dark Wood(if you're water) or Poison Water(if you're fire) and defeat the assassin, then kill him Everyone knows not to mess with you!

High Mage of Black Robes

Kill Hawklight(Iceroot is optional)

You have done a lot for the Black Robes. You are promoted as High Mage.

High Mage of White Robes

Complete the White Robe Hawklight mission, gained after talking to Burnghost.

You have done a lot for the White Robes. You are promoted as High Mage.

The Invincible

Defeat mysterious hermit

You are number one on Book of Mages. What's more, you have defeated the mysterious hermit, who appears to be one of the six authors of Book of Mages! You are truly The Invincible!

The Punished

lose against mysterious hermit

You are number one on book of mages. However, you offended the mysterious hermit who appears to be the most powerful mage you ever met! He defeated you and somehow resets your rank to 99.

Top Ten Mages

Rank at least 10 in Book of Mages.

You have defeated the countless mages and finally you are on of the Top Ten Mages on Book of Mages! You are respected by many mages.



  Rising Star Badge
Medium pts
Book of Mages: The Dark Times » Win the young mage competition
  Bow Down, Weaklings! Badge
Hard pts
Book of Mages: The Dark Times » Reach rank #1
  Great Mage Among Men Badge
Hard pts
Book of Mages: The Dark Times » Become the great mage at the end of your adventure

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