Bloons Tower Defense 3 is a tower defense game in which you deploy monkeys with darts to pop balloons. The game is a spin-off from the Bloons game series and the sequel to Bloons Tower Defense 2.


The game is a classic type of tower defense game in which the enemies follow a predetermined path on each level. All enemies in the BTD games are balloons called bloons. In the Bloons TD series, it only takes one hit to pop a bloon, but as levels progress you'll be met with bloons inside other bloons. The basic tower, called a Dart Monkey, is a monkey throwing darts at the balloons, similar to the original Bloons game series.

There are 12 types of towers and 4 single use items. All towers can be upgraded and gain additional functions. You can change the targeting mode on each individual tower to "first" or "last", which is useful for towers with piercing abilities. Placing towers can be tricky as there's no grid system, so sometimes you'll have to find just a few available pixels to place towers on in tight groups.

There are eight maps, but four of them can only be played from Ninjakiwi. Some tracks feature bloons coming in from multiple paths at once. Each map can be played on 3 difficulties, Easy, Medium and Hard. Should the player beat all waves on a map, there is a "free play" mode available after you complete the level, allowing the player to continue playing indefinitely.

Bloons typesEdit

  • Red - First encountered bloon.
  • Blue - Spawns Red
  • Yellow - Spawns Green, Fast.
  • Pink - Spawns Yellow, Fast.
  • Black - Spawns Pink, Immune to bombs.
  • White - Immune to freezing.
  • Camo - Spawns 2 pinks, Need to be detected with Monkey Beacon.
  • Zebra - Spawns White and Black, Immune to bomb and ice.
  • Rainbow - Spawns 2 Zebras.
  • Lead - Spawns 2 Blacks, Slow, but immune to anything sharp
  • CB - Takes several shots to destroy, spawns 2 Rainbows. Glue doesn't slow them.
  • M.O.A.B. (Massive Ornary Attack Blimp) - Even stonger than CB, looks like a blue airship. Spawns four CBs.


  • Dart Monkey
  • Tack Shooter
  • Boomerang
  • Spike-o-pult
  • Cannon
  • Ice Ball
  • Monkey Beacon
  • Super Monkey
  • Road Spikes
  • Monkey Glue
  • Pineapple
  • Top Secret Weapon (monkey airstrike)


Pin Flingin'
  Pin Flingin' Badge
Easy pts
Bloons Tower Defense 3 » Complete level 20 on any map and any difficulty setting
Going Bananas
  Going Bananas Badge
Medium pts
Bloons Tower Defense 3 » Fully complete all 50 levels of any map on any difficulty setting
99 Dead Balloons
  99 Dead Balloons Badge
Hard pts
Bloons Tower Defense 3 » Complete all 50 levels on any map with all 50 lives remaining on the "hard" difficulty setting

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