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Bloody Fun Day is a random puzzle game by urbansquall. The gameplay involves killing critters to maintain life.

Gameplay Edit

The board consists of hexagonal tiles. Each turn, the reaper loses 1 health and kills an adjacent group of critters of one color. Each critter killed is absorbed and used for special abilities.

  • Blue, yellow, black: Killing enough of them allows an usage of a skill.
  • Red: Each critter killed adds 1 health.
  • Egg: Does nothing besides subtracting 5 score.
  • Golden egg: When a group of 10 or more critters is killed, one of the eggs become a golden egg. Crushing a golden egg adds 5000 score.

Eggs (including golden eggs) hatch every few turns, which increases as the game progresses, making the game harder.

There are 3 modes: Tutorial, 5 Level Mode (Survive for 5 levels to win), and Unlimited Mode (Survive as long as possible).

Skills Edit

  • Jump slash: The reaper jumps to 2 tiles away instead of 1. Requires 9 blue souls.
  • Harvest: The reaper absorbs twice the amount of souls in the next attack. Requires 23 blue souls.
  • Transform: The reaper randomly changes the color of an adjacent group of critters. Requires 19 yellow souls.
  • Vampire Touch: The reaper absorbs red souls regardless of the color in the next attack. Requires 24 yellow souls.
  • Eye Lasers: The reaper kills a straight line of critters. Requires 13 black souls.
  • Fire Blast: The reaper kills a group of critters any distance away. Requires 18 black souls.

Tips Edit

Achievements Edit

Hatching a Plan (easy): Complete the tutorial, then ignore its advice by crushing 10 eggs in a single game, Reap What You Sow (medium): Complete 5 level mode, Xenocutia (hard): Earn a gold medal by scoring 100,000 points in unlimited mode

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