• WilliamTheUnknown

    I'm quite bored of this background. 

    There was a wall paper of kongpanions, I think it was a K+ profile skin or whatever, I think it'll be perfect for this. 

    Any admin here, please change it. 

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    Oh... What do we have here? One of the most outdated pages in this Wikia! (According to the date this review was made).

    Let's finish this quickly. *Puts on his anti-cringe and anti-boredom armor*

    • A gif hits your face with a caption "Shown: Actual picture of Epeen the Great" Kinda cringy, to be honest. 

    • Then we have an enourmous table of contents. Writing in Heading 3 was not a great idea, was it?

    • You notice that Epeen's description was too much, tl;dr. 

    • You also notice that there's nothing else in the whole page... No History, Quotes, Previous regulars, etc.

    Phew, let's add the review and get the hell out of here!

    Feature Score
    Image  0/3
    Format 3/5

    Text value


    • Room description 0/3
    • Rules 0/3
    • Moderators 3/3
    • Regulars 3/3
    • Previous Regulars 0/3


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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    Hey there. 

    The list of Kongpanions was extrememly outdated, but now, we're on track. FINALLY.

    I'm on a trip outside the country, won't have that much time. 

    It'll be appreciated if you updated the main page with the latest Kongpanion if I haven't already, since I might be busy.

    I will do it eventually, but it's way better for the page to be updated immediately after the Kongpanion's release.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards.

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  • WilliamTheUnknown


    June 29, 2016 by WilliamTheUnknown

    We reached a unique number today, 666 pages on the Kongregate Wiki!

    May we never stop.

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    As a part of letting people to get to know what's going on in the room, SSL2 chat room presents weekly entertainment.

    Every week, a number of links will be selected from those being posted in the room and published in the wiki.

    Make sure to step by room and its wiki every now and then!

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    Not gone

    June 18, 2016 by WilliamTheUnknown

    Hey, sorry for leaving this long time (even though you probably don't know or care about it).

    I have my exams going on, so I stopped creating or editing any page for now.

    I will make up for it by the end of the month. 

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  • WilliamTheUnknown


    June 5, 2016 by WilliamTheUnknown

    Happy to introduce WikiFriend. It will add wiki contributors and publish news about activities on the wiki.

    It was meant to be anything but biased and nothing but neutral, it's a better way to represent Kongregate Wiki on Kongregate and get Kongregate users updated.  

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    We open the page and what do we have here? A high-quality slider! That must get a bonus. 

    Liked how the description is written in a story-telling manner.  

    Read "You skirt the lake of fire and ice">>> "Your skirt". First idea was, what a naughty boy...

    Who made WillTroll4Food's description, lel? 2 regs and 3 ex-regs are descriptionless.

    Room History is quite amazing, well done. Others make you yawn, but this one is interesting.

    Feature Score
    Image  3/3 + 2 bonus
    Format 5/5

    Text value


    • Room description 3/3
    • Rules 3/3
    • Moderators 3/3
    • Regulars 3/3
    • Previous Regulars 3/3


    • Previous Moderators 2/2
    • Room history 2/2
    Spelling and grammar


    Total 54

    Review basis

    The board

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  • WilliamTheUnknown


    June 3, 2016 by WilliamTheUnknown

    Here are some basics every new editor must know before jumping in, they are so easy, yet unknown to some and hold them from contributing. 

    1. Adding a page. To add one, simply click on the Contribute button on the top right, adding a page is one of the drop down menu options over there. Don't get confused with (Start a Wikia).

    2. Editing a page. Every page has an edit button, you can click it or choose Classic editor from the drop-down menu. The last one is more professional.  Or simply click hotkey (e).

    3. Text tools. There are many text tools on the top, but all are self-explanatory. To hyperlink a text, select it first, then click on the Add link icon.

    4. Making a paragraph. To make a paragraph, we choose Heading 2.

    5. Adding a photo. Add a …

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    So, one of the review basis was the update, in which having a well-updated page earns you points.

    But... I can't say pages are totally outdated, but the math behind calculating the update is tricky, so variable, and in some cases was unfair.

    I will be deleting this part of the review, and re-arranging wikis in the board according to their new score.

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    I remember the first day I got here clearly. I felt the burden of creating a page no one asked me to create. 

    I had no idea what I was doing. Some pages were there to look up to, Atlas Park was one.

    Happy to say that Bowser's castle is one of them, too. 

    The images and thumbnails of users are appreciated. One member was left with no thumbnail, though.

    That verse in the description was cool.

    It will be nice if you completed the description of rest members.

    Defining a regular was important, but it takes place in page's talk usually.

    It was smart to have an archive for comments, instead of filling the page. Enjoyed reading it.

    Image 3/3
    Format 5/5

    Text value

    Essential content:

    • Room description: 3/3
    • Room Owners and Moderators: 3/3
    • The Fine Print: 3/3
    • List of …

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    Chill Lounge, the page that tl;dr was made for. I doubt that anyone has ever completed reading it, but I will do it for the sake of the review. Hope I will finish alive, wish me luck.

    We start with a lovely related image of the room, and a description, short (both really for itself and relatively comparing it to other segments) but smart and well made. 

    Page's length is a negative by-product of good documentation. 

    As you come across the regulars, you notice two things. One of them is that they are too many, but your wonder ends when you start reading some of their descriptions. "he rarely talks" and "known to be quiet", these two sentences were mentioned more than once. Let's review regulars' selection basis, shall we? 

    A regular is a member of a ce…

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    Entroic Delirium, nice format, but missing some content. 

    Where are users' comments? This page has been here for a long time by now. Makes you wonder. Where are the previous regulars? Or do your regulars stay there forever? 

    Room's history is elaborative and interesting to read, thought it might bring great boredom. 

    I don't know if mentioning Mod's status from active to inactive is a good idea or not, but since the page is rarely updated these days, it would be mostly inaccurate and outdated. Moderators' description wasn't provided, as well. 

    The editor introduces us to two new terms, semi-regs and suspended from being regs. The last is quite noteworthy for its purpose. It says those who are mentioned will not be added as regs for their child…

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    As soon as you enter its page, the quotation owns you, capturing. But was it enough to describe the room? Clearly, no. The description in Room's info and help was pretty good, I wonder why it wasn't used.

    I appreciate the snowflakes added with each segment's title. Only through mobile did I see them blue, colorless on laptop's screen. 

    I appreciate that the image is well related to room's name idea, too.

    The room seems to follow the format at first, but when you scroll down, it's ruined...

    Why was (Where did Winterfell originate?) section made at the end? It belongs to room description, and frankly, it doesn't need a paragraph of its own.

    Room laws should have been mentioned before room's owner and moderators, but this one is harmless. The laws…

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    The board

    May 18, 2016 by WilliamTheUnknown

    Here, each wiki reviewed will be listed with its score. Standards and criteria in reviewing.

    Room Score
    Road Less Traveled 54
    Bowser's Castle 50
    Chill Lounge 47
    Winterfell 41
    Entropic Delirium 37
    Ant Hill 34 Read more >
  • WilliamTheUnknown


    May 18, 2016 by WilliamTheUnknown

    I will be making a series reviewing chat rooms' wikis. At the end of the review, each wiki will have a number of points. A post will be made recording the scores and wikis' order.

    The method of reviewing and points scoring will be according to;

    • Image: Every wiki must have an image, usually it's related to room's name. 3 points are given for the image, 2 for its existence and 1 if it was related. 
    • Format: The common order of contents is: Room's description>> Rules>> Room's owner and Moderators>> Regulars>> Ex regulars>> Comments. Extra contents might be made, such as room's history, notable non-regulars, etc. But those mentioned above are essential. Their order is logical and brings an ease in information presentation. Any disturbance in that …

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    So, after being accused of vandalising, I tried working from a distance, like leaving a talk. 

    One of those talks was because a Mod was recently added, but the editor didn't add him. I will not mention his name nor the room *coughs: it's all here!*

    We are working out of public right and duty here, if you want your wiki outdated, go ahead! 

    A room wiki should tell its idea and reflect its image, but since the wikis are barely being updated, it'll be quite a shock.

    The easiest and most ridiculous information to give is the Moderators, yet you even failed in that. 

    Don't hate me for telling the truth, we are on the same side, I just want the best. 

    So, let me get all things straight. You will keep your wiki abandoned with no new edits, but you will…

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  • WilliamTheUnknown


    May 10, 2016 by WilliamTheUnknown

    Yes, I am sorry. Rarely do I say that, and when I say it, I mean it. 

    This wiki looked like an abandoned city, I just came for one page here.

    But then saw the big number of left pages. It bugs me to see a grammar or a spelling mistake, or when a Mod is mentioned with no link. I fix that. I know where the red line is, though.

    Never did come close to comments or descriptions, just minor edits. 

    I know... they were many edits, but I thought I was being a good member in the community, and fixing each other wikis for the good of all, not the opposite...

    So, I wouldn't have made this if it wasn't real. Sorry again, may I be forgiven?

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    Orizuru tells the story of an ancient Japanese legend that promises anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the Gods. Some stories believe you are granted eternal good luck, instead of just one wish.

    The crane in Japan is one of the mystical or holy creatures and is said to live for a thousand years. That is why 1000 cranes are made, one for each year.

    Some say they must be completed in one year and must all be made by the person who is to make the wish at the end. 

    This legend was popularized through the story of Sadako Sasaki.

    Go check for her and her relation to what became our Kongpanion. 

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    In the sense of being a wiki, it allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users.

    But that's simple and understandable if the information being edited is true pure facts...

    There is no problem when a game wiki is being edited, but when it comes to chat rooms...

    As you know, a chat room wiki has a sensitive critical part (Who is a regular? What will be their description? Is this one still a regular or put them in previous ones? And so on), the context of which depends on the main editor of the wiki. Opinions and feelings strike hard in that part. That's why we expect the main editor to be someone reasonable and professional, chosen wisely by the room population. 

    Here, we reach a conflict between the core of a wiki (every…

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    A Kongpanion was introduced named Félicette. It shows an orange cat in a space suit, with a description that  says: Even falling 5 miles towards earth at thousands of miles an hour, a cat can land on her feet.

    It's actually the story of a true cat, the first and only cat to have been sent into space and survive.

    Around the sixties and seventies, many countries started space missions using animals, like dogs, cats and chimpanzees. France was one, sending a black and white female cat that was found on the streets of Paris. That cat was named Félicette. 

    She was selected from 14 cats undergoing intensive training. Some say she was chosen because she hadn't put on too much weight. 

    On 18th of October, 1963, she was blasted in a special capsule. Sh…

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    Hey there. 

    Name is William Gray, from the U.S, D.C to be specific. 

    19 years old at the moment.

    Why to even say (write) that? It's a social norm I guess. 

    Never hesitate to talk to or ask me. 

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  • Nomuit Jargon

    So, I've been wondering about which users exactly are still active on the wikipedia? I also see the stray Anon, but I don't know any of you others.

    Let's see, I know Walker/Grave and William, and I'm pretty sure Welder is at least aware of the wikia still(?), but are there any other people that actively use the wikia or edit it? We should get together and figure out a gameplan on revamping it to make it easier to edit shit. Figure out templates, policy, et al. Grave and I have been talking but other than that, the rest of the wikia just feels like ghosts. :P

    Nomuit Jargon (talk) 01:17, March 25, 2016 (UTC)

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  • KingDaedalus

    It is when you are alone, enveloped by darkness, that the truth is clear as day. All of your worst fears and thoughts come dancing out before your cold, dead eyes and strip you of your sanity. Piece by piece.

    Dae was born with cold, dead eyes and horrifying thoughts. So, his darkness was one of the darkest.

    He is half asleep on the cracked cement floor of his cell when the voice comes back. The old man who saved his life in holding just to melt it away like a lit candle in here.

    "It won't be long now."

    Dae jumps onto his feet and puts his hand to the holster he doesn't have. "Until what?"

    "Until this city falls to its knees and reaps what its sown."

    "What have you done?"

    "I haven't done anything. I am on your side. One of the good guys... one of …

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  • KingDaedalus

    Dae is not granted the right of a lawyer. It is a right limited to the rich and the powerful. His fate is decided from the moment he walks through the courtroom doors. Had he looked to the floor rather than the judge's eyes, there would likely not have been a trial at all. That is how things go in Atlas Park.

    "My name is Allen, I will be your judge. You, Dae, of no last name stand accused of countless acts of murder in the first degree, of the destruction of public property with the intent to kill, of vandalism of private property, of carrying a concealed weapon, of evading the law, of- I could go on. I won't." The judge sets down his stack of papers and devotes his gaze to Dae. "How do you plead?"

    Dae looks around. The room is filled with p…

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  • KingDaedalus

    Wrait walks through the wide hospital door to Dae's room as soon as he sees the guard leave for a cup of coffee. Blebbeh is already perched on the windowsill in the form of a raven. Dae looks rather pitiful, handcuffed to a bed with a hospital gown on. Without his trenchcoat on and his .44 on his side, he is like anyone else. Still, he doesn't need a gun to be dangerous.

    Wrait keeps his distance when he starts talking. "I expected this moment to be more rewarding that this."

    "I know you did, Wrait." Dae turns to the bird. "Blebbeh, do you mind if we have the room?"

    A cloud of illusory smoke masks a quick tranformation as Blebbeh turns into her regular self. Wrait jumps and barely stops himself from brandishing his pistols.

    "Absolutely." Blebbe…

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  • KingDaedalus2

    Coming Soon!

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  • KingDaedalus

    My name is Proc. I work for no one but myself, meaning I have no one to blame for the horrible shit that I've done... and will do.


    You think I plan to stop any time soon?


    I did work for people before. I wasn't always running solo. Those people were a lot worse than me to say the least. A special kind of crazy. I built bombs. They schemed.

    You might think that I am the villian here, blowing things-people-up for money. You had to have met them though. I watched my boss laugh at the news when a troll got lose in a park and killed thirteen people. I watched my boss shove a reporter off of a balcony when he started asking too many questions. Hell, I watched my boss gouge a man's eyes out and force-feed them to him when he looked at him fun…

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  • KingDaedalus

    Dae stayed awake after his heart was restarted by Ayrus, all the way until he went into surgery at Barrens Chat Memorial Hospital, which had been opened when the city of Barrens Chat was ravaged by a massive troll infestation and its surviving inhabitants were forced to immigrate to Atlas Park. Even though he was exhausted, concussed, injured, and dead for three minutes, he kept his eyes open.

    When the surgery was through and he was saved, Dae was handcuffed to a bed as he recovered, under the guard of an elderly female officer who waits patiently outside the door. The sun beams, as lively as ever, through the window, and Blebbeh is sleeping in the bedside chair.

    Dae awakes with a groan, loud enough to wake up Blebbeh, and feels the outline …

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  • KingDaedalus

    Dae pulls himself up. His trenchcoat is turned grey with ashes.

    Everything is surreal to him as he walks through the clouds of dust. He feels no pain, but his body is all but proof of the opposite.

    Around him are charred corpses, troll and man alike. The moon is still high, sitting on a throne of dark clouds that resemble billowing smoke. The silence that consumes the air leaves a deep aching in his stomach.

    He looks down.

    It isn't the silence.

    His abdomen is deeply cut, slashed rigidly from side to side and gushing blood. He can't make out what the pulverized flesh underneath used to be and his intestines are clearly visible.

    In the blink of time that he manages to wonder how he forced himself to his feet in the first place, he finds himself tu…

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  • KingDaedalus

    Vale is an artist. Not the kind who brushes paint on a canvas or chisels stone off of a sculpture, but the kind who makes sound, and makes it beautiful.

    He works for no pay in a small all-night bar called the Rook and Scythe, spending every minute of his life that he doesn't sleep playing the piano. He gets his food and drink on the house since he devotes so much time making the place more attractive to the ears. Also, the owner gets all of his tips.

    He is the kind of person who stays quiet unless there is something important to say. To him, the world is such a dull place that he rarely talks at all. 

    He is unlike his sibling, who derives entertainment from nearly everything.

    But he hasn't seen his sister in quite some time. Blebbeh rarely fin…

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  • KingDaedalus

    The first time Blebbeh ever met Dae was only moments after he and Wrait split ways. Wrait was a person that she wouldn't have the pleasure of association with, at least not for a long while, but she was present for the last conversation he and Dae would have for five long years and then some.

    It was night. The streets were so quiet that a leaf blowing in the wind would cast a sound throughout the city like a distant storm on the horizon. Blebbeh was hidden in plain sight, in the form of a raven, perched on a window ledge next to the two longtime partners.

    "So, that's it. You're just gonna leave." Dae made every effort to come off strong, but the pain conquered his voice like he had never experienced anything else.

    "You saw this coming, Dae. I…

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  • KingDaedalus

    The Rook and Scythe is a unique bar planted right next to the city graveyard. It features three main avocations. Live music, chess, and drinking. You might even be able to find a conversation or two if you show up at the right hours. However, this isn't what makes it unique. The Rook and Scythe is the only bar in the entire city of Atlas Park to stay open past curfew hours. Mods are willing to look past it since they tend to be its main patrons, and trolls avoid it because of the shotgun the owner keeps stashed behind the counter.

    It is one of those tired nights now, hours into the curfew. A passionate musician with wild, unkempt hair and cloudy grey eyes sits behind a piano, wearing a tattered tuxedo complete with a wilted rose. A balding …

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  • KingDaedalus

    Ayrus digs through the obliterated remains of a troll's brain, splattered against the wall in a shrouded back alley. He is careful to keep his pristine white labcoat from touching the gore, but has already caked his rubber gloves in blood and flesh. The time is exactly 12:00 AM.

    He pulls a tiny metallic shard out of the monster's maggot-infested skull.

    "Another .44. Somebody's getting mighty confident."

    He stands up and pulls off his gloves. "Hey, Ran, you go ahead and load it up. You know the drill."

    "Yes, Sir. Although, I do have a question.  What is the point of you... digging around? If you know what I mean?"

    He sighs. "Ran, see this little piece of lead? This is gold to us. I am so close to finding our guy. When he is off the streets and i…

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  • KingDaedalus

    Dae walks through the empty moonlit streets of Atlas Park, his every footstep a resounding thunderclap in the silence. He is dressed in a trenchcoat, the color of sand, and a fedora to match. A cigarette on its last legs hangs low from his mouth, its ashes a grey and black nub that threatens to depart at the slightest blow of wind.

    SNAP! Tk-tk-tk-tk...

    A twig breaks and a scuttling noise follows, cancelling the silence.

    Dae stops in his tracks, directly under the glow of a buzzing streetlamp, and dips his hand into his coat. He has nearly convinced himself that the noise is his own paranoid mind playing tricks on him, that it is merely the product of an overactive imagination, when-


    Dae pulls out a silouetted object from the conf…

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  • Reconth

    Badges are addicting

    May 1, 2015 by Reconth

    So, I read some of the previous blogs, and found out that badges are just as addicting here as they are on Kongregate. If you have met me in Schrodinger's chat, chances are, you know what I'm doing. And, there's a whole philosophy behind badges being addicting.

    So leave your comments below, either to get a badge or to say something about why badges are addicting.

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  • Koalasan
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  • Cezar55
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  • Cezar55
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  • PersonaxSteven

    I know that Ivory Tower got deleted but what's their new place? I'm just wondering because i was part of Ivory Tower and now that it's gone i don't know where they are. If you know then please answer back!

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  • Foolex

    Blog Post Badge

    June 5, 2014 by Foolex

    This blog post is created just so I can get the wiki badge!

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  • 4rkain3

    I will attempt to perform regular maintenance on the page for the A Road Less Traveled chat room. The page was in dire need of someone to do this. I will monitor it when I can to ensure there is no vandalism, as it's a page that is frequented by vandals. It may take me some time to get to know the room again, but I will make sure to keep it updated once I have.

    I think it looks a lot better now. This is in part thanks to Spencer. He added that gallery. Only one of the images in it is one I added. We got rid of the "New Regulars" section, since it would be difficult to maintain and is otherwise unpractical. I fixed a lot of grammatical/spelling/punctuation/etc. errors as well.

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  • MNINKong


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  • SecretsofSorrow

    Like the title says, it's really little. I don't think it even qualifies as an 'insight', but anyway. I was pretty disappointed that the wiki is so dead. It doesn't seem totally dead if you look at the wiki activity, but it feels like there is a complete absence of any kind of community.

    I tend to community-hop quite often, but I hope that I'll stay and contribute to this and watch it grow, even if 'it' is only the accumulating number of articles. *cough* even though my growing skills are pathetic D': *cough* If there are any of you still reading this at any point in time, you can ask me any questions and I'll answer them if I'm still here.

    (This blog post is in no way designed to feed my addiction to badges.)

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  • Benjie007

    Joining the Kongregate Wiki

    December 17, 2012 by Benjie007

    On the 17th December 2012, I joined the Kongregate Wiki. I hope I can help out :)

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  • HolyLasagna

    'Twas a very tough one. Trying to convince people to actually help me - but to no avail. Nobody wants to have such collective database for Kongregate. I think they are MASSIVELY wrong - if everyone just helped out... we could do great things for Kong and its community.

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  • Stevenwolfehz

    Today, my grandma was told she may have cancer.

    Ikr? BIG SHOCKER!! No not really...

    Eventually you are going to die from old age or from a disease you get when you get old, it happens to the best of us, my Grandmother is a big contributor to my church and I'm pretty sure older members of the church would be crying at her funeral, which that's when I'll be crying. I believe I'm one of the most bravest of my family, talking about deaths in my family don't effect me at all, thanks for reading. ;3

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  • Sixsixone

    Finally unbanned

    October 18, 2012 by Sixsixone

    Finally unbanned from the wikia after I was banned for 6 months from april 16 to oct 16

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  • Stevenwolfehz

    Lend out a Shinx?

    September 22, 2012 by Stevenwolfehz

    I have pokemon black, although I'm not actually sure how to catch one, I believe you catch it from white forest in pokemon white, or the Dream world on the pokemon website, both in which I do not have access to at this time, if you are able to lend me a free shinx then that would be perfect, no i don't want to have any "Breeded" Shinx, just a random one, k? thnx?

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  • Stevenwolfehz

    Current team BW

    September 21, 2012 by Stevenwolfehz

    Pokemon Breeder, trainer, and coordinator

    DON'T BE MISTAKEN, Pichu is epic as hell.

    my dream team:

    Gliscor level 100

    Moveset: X-sizor, Stone Edge, Acrobatics, Bulldoze

    Umbreon level 100

    Moveset: Dark pulse, Shadow ball, Quick attack, double edge

    Luxray level 100

    Moveset: thunderbolt, Volt tackle, Iron Tail, Crunch

    Magikarp level 100

    Max every stat

    Moveset: Splash, tackle, flail, Bounce

    blaziken level 100

    moveset: Giga impact, Fire Blitz, Sky uppercut, Close combat

    Stevenwolfehz (talk) 05:38, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

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