In Birdinator, you play as a birdie trying to migrate south for the winter. In order to get there in one piece, you have to use your lasers to shoot down owls and helicopters.


Your goal is to migrate from your frosty climate so you can enjoy the relaxing summer-like days on the beach. You need to fly as far as you can in one go and shoot down any obstacles in your path, but first you have to get off the ground. Earn cash to buy upgrades and fly even further until you reach your goal. The Birdinator is a very straight-forward game of low difficulty. Should the game become difficult at times, you still gain ground every day and gain money for upgrades.


The cash you earn can be spent on upgrades

  • Max Speed
  • Maneuver
  • Lasercharge
  • Stamina
  • Luck
  • Air Resistance

Survival ModeEdit

Survival mode has to be unlocked by completing normal mode.


Completing achievements reward you with cash to spend on upgrades

  • Birdstrike - Awarded when birdie hits 15 planes
  • Going Retarded - Awarded when birdie hits 7 retarded owls
  • Good Hunting - Awarded when birdie kills 25 hunters
  • Yellow Thunder - Awarded when birdie destroy 20 helicopters
  • Prepared Food - Awarded when birdie fries 10 mosquitoes
  • Sharp Shooter - Awarded when birdie hits 90 times with laser
  • Self Flagellation - Awarded when birdie hits ground 15 times
  • Lucky Bird - Awarded when birdie collects 100 diamonds

Names of combosEdit

  • Awesome combo - 5-8
  • Super combo - 9-14
  • Ultra combo - 15-24
  • Omg combo - 25-34
  • Ololo combo - 35-???

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