Best of 2014
Type Quest
Requirements to Get 10 easy badges,
1 medium badge.
Difficulty Easy
Awards Best of 2014 medal and 60 points

Best of 2014 is a quest in which you must get badges from the top rated games of 2014.

Quest DescriptionEdit

11 games instead of 10?! Was 2014 just too awesome for 10 games, or did we make a mistake during the voting process? Either way, complete the easy-breezy badges below to earn the Best of 2014 medal and 60 bonus points!


Skaters Gonna Skate
  Skaters Gonna Skate Badge
Easy pts
Run 3 » Reach 100m in infinite mode with the skater
Phoning It In
  Phoning It In Badge
Easy pts
Transmission » Complete the "telephone" level set
Critter Splitter
  Critter Splitter Badge
Easy pts
Sky Quest » Destroy 1,000 enemies
Hustle and Flow
  Hustle and Flow Badge
Easy pts
Rogue Soul 2 » Get a 5x kill combo
On a Roll
  On a Roll Badge
Easy pts
Curl Up and Fly! » Earn 25 in-game achievements
Dungeon Sweeper
  Dungeon Sweeper Badge
Easy pts
Cardinal Quest 2 » Kill 100 enemies
Creep What You Sow
  Creep What You Sow Badge
Medium pts
Creeper World 3: Abraxis » Score 30,000 total points
Learn to Fly
  Learn to Fly Badge
Easy pts
Astrox » Complete the tutorial
Quick Clicks
  Quick Clicks Badge
Easy pts
Pixelo » Complete any 10 puzzles
Knock 'Em Dead
  Knock 'Em Dead Badge
Easy pts
Decision:Medieval » Kill 300 enemies
Multitude of Medals
  Multitude of Medals Badge
Easy pts
Sentry Knight » Earn 25% of the total medals

Excluded badges Edit

Administrative Triumph
  Administrative Triumph Badge
Easy pts
Mu Complex : Episode One » Complete the first 3 tasks

The game was removed, so the badge was also excluded from the quest.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first (and currently the only) "Best of the year" quest to be mainly composed of easy badges.

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