Best of 2009
Best of 2009
Type Quest
Requirements to Get 1 easy badge,
9 medium badges.
Difficulty Medium
Awards Best of 2009 and 50 points

Best of 2009 is a quest in which you must get badges from the top rated games of 2009.

Quest DescriptionEdit

2009 was a golden year for Flash games, and we look on it fondly. Now, you can too! Earn the designated badge in each of these top 10 games of 2009 to earn the Best of 2009 Medal and 50 bonus points!


  Only the Beginning Badge
Medium pts
Elements » Complete all 7 quests
  Solitary Refinement Badge
Medium pts
The Company of Myself » I complete all 20 levels
  Medal Meddler Badge
Medium pts
Toss the Turtle » Earn any 25 in-game medals
  "Resistance Wasn't So Futile" Badge
Medium pts
The Space Game: Missions » Complete any 10 missions on normal difficulty
Meddling Kids
  Meddling Kids Badge
Medium pts
Sonny 2 » Defeat the captain in the second zone
Decked Out
  Decked Out Badge
Medium pts
Epic War 3 » Unlock 10 total cards
Achieving the Impossible
  Achieving the Impossible Badge
Medium pts
Learn to Fly » Complete the final 6,000-distance achievement
Gentle Giant
  Gentle Giant Badge
Medium pts
Music Catch 2 » End the song "Gentle" with at least a 100x multiplier

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