Type Quest
Requirements to Get 9 easy badges.
Difficulty Easy
Awards Graduation Medal and 30 points

Beginner is a simple quest for beginning gamers, consisting of easy badges anyone can accomplish. Due to it's low difficulty, it's often one of the first quests a user accomplishes.

Quest DescriptionEdit

Now that you know the ropes, it’s time to take on a full-blown quest. Not too easy and not too hard, this is the Goldilocks of quests. Conquer this quest, and you’ll enter the big leagues with the Graduation Medal and earn 30 bonus points!


Field Tested
  Field Tested Badge
Easy pts
Gemcraft Labyrinth » Complete 3 fields
  Fun and Profit Badge
Easy pts
Toss the Turtle » Earn $1,000 from a single launch
Flying Purple Power Eater
  Flying Purple Power Eater Badge
Easy pts
Music Catch 2 » Collect 10 purple power-ups across every game
Bubble Bully
  Bubble Bully Badge
Easy pts
Bubble Tanks 2 » Destroy 100 enemies during a single game
Running start badge
  Running Start Badge
Easy pts
The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2 » Collect 100 squiggles and pwn 10 spiders
Amateurarchitect Badge
  Amateur Architect Badge
Easy pts
Super Stacker 2 » Complete the easy set of levels
  Special Prize Winner Badge
Easy pts
Amorphous+ » Unlock your first reward
  Junior Olympian Badge
Easy pts
Dolphin Olympics 2 » Score 50,000 points

Excluded badges Edit

Spark of Life
  Spark of Life Badge
Easy pts
Little Wheel » Reach the final room

This badge was removed from the quest; however, it was later added to Your First Quest.

  "I Know Kung Fu" Badge
Easy pts
Desktop TD Pro » Complete the 5th scenario

Desktop TD Pro was replaced with GemCraft Labyrinth due to technical difficulties in some computers. The replacement game was chosen by the Kongregate forum.

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