There is nothing more ferocious than a beaver armed to their big teeth, defending his tribe. Trouble is brewing in the Mountains of Moira. Rangor the Terrible has raised a huge army with the intent to conquer the other tribes and they are not taking any prisoners. The game plays as a brawler type of game with RPG elements and rodents in full war garments.


The arrow keys move your beaver, with the A button performing a quick light attack, S for a slow powerful attack, and D blocks an attack. Hitting attacks in certain orders make for more powerful combos. Different magic spells are unlocked throughout the game, and, should you have enough magic points on hand, are fired with the number keys. Defeating enemies rewards you with experience points and with each level you gain, you gain stat points to distribute for greater attack, defense, health, agility, critical hits and magic. Defeated enemies also drop shells which can be traded at Otto's Shop for weapons and equipment that grants various stat bonuses.

The game has a large amount of customization through stats and equipment. You'll need all the stats you can get to face off against the Ferrety-Vikings, Beaver-Pirates, Foxy-Centurions, Badger-Mercenaries, Squirrelly-Spartans, and Martin-the-Warrior-knows what else. While the enemies are nicely varied, they can be quite unforgiving. In some areas, you may require a lot of grinding to progress.


  Fur Coat Supplier Badge
Easy pts
Battle Beavers » Slay 20 enemies
  Experienced Beaver Badge
Medium pts
Battle Beavers » Reach level 15
  "One Does Not Simply Battle Into Moira" Badge
Hard pts
Battle Beavers » Defeat Rangor atop Mt. Moira

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