Going CoastalEdit

Mission 7 Going Coastal

Facilities and Units Edit

Blue Edit

Command Center, 1 Warfactory, 2 Advanced Refinery, 2 Refinery
$78/$104/$130 initial; $156/$208/$260 per round (depending on Difficulty)
1 Battlecruiser, ? U-Boats, 1 Intrepid, ? Stealth Tanks, 2 Heavy Commando, 2 Strike Commando

Red Edit

Ground Control, Sea Control, Warfactory, 2 Advanced Refinery, 2 Oil Rig, 5 Refinery
$155 initial, $310 per round
1 Corvette, 1 Hunter, 3 U-Boat, 1 Rocket, 1 Mortar, 3 Scorpion, 2 Heavy Commando, 1 Strike Commando

Neutral Edit

Ground Control, Sea Control, Warfactory, Oil Rig

Tactics Edit

General - The enemy starts with the disadvantage of not being able to produce units, as he has no Ground Control or Sea Control, though he can quickly seize a Sea Control and a sea-facing Warfactory. However the enemy starts with an advantage in existing units on land, including Stealth Tanks. So you want to defend on the southern land mass, while attacking at sea and on the northern-central island with the Neutral facilities. Hold the chokepoints in the south with your tanks and artillery, while you clear the seas and contest with Blue for the facilities on the northern island. Your more powerful naval forces should prevail. If you can seize the north-central island's Warfactory, or block it with a ship or U-Boat, you deny Blue the ability to make new naval units. If you can take the Ground Control on that island you can prevent Blue from making new ground units as well - victory will then be easy.

Specific tactics - Place your Mortar and Rocket Trucks behind the mountains on the south map edge, to protect them against the Stealth Tanks that are coming. See the 3 enemy Commandos in extreme east? There are 5 Stealth Tanks near them. Also beware of the Battlecruiser that is near the enemy´s Warfactory, it can do a lot of damage against your units. When you can, build Scorpion Tanks to help killing Commandos and Stealth Tanks. NEVER give a gap for enemy´s units to attack your Trucks, protect them with all of your units. Move your soldiers north to the Shore tile, so that you can move them by sea, to the island in the north east. Protect them against the enemy´s navy with your U-Boats. Keep Hunter near them, to shield them from enemy U-Boats. When this happens, use the Hunter and U-Boats to kill the enemy U-Boats that appear. Your Corvette is useful to attack the enemy Battlecruiser here and hit some nearly ground units.

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