Battalion Nemesis Mission 6 Blindfold Map (hidden Stealth Tanks)

Facilities and Units Edit

Blue Edit

7 x Stealth Tanks

Red Edit

3 x Advanced Refinery, 4 x Refinery ($118 initial, $236/round)

1 x Rocket, 5 x Scorpion, 2 x Heavy Commando

Tactics Edit

Your Commando infantry units have a special power to scout out stealth tanks, but you only have 2 Commando units in this map (and no way to make new ones) and when they find a Stealth Tank they tend to attack and get badly damaged in the return fire. The overall approach is to group together for mutual support and let the Stealth Tanks come to you. If they attack your units they can't also move away, so you get a chance to counterattack, as long as the friendly units they attack, or some nearby, survive. Protect your Rocket unit at the center, mountains and tanks around it, infantry at the edges. Use the terrain. Enemy tanks can't cross mountains. So you are safe with mountains at your back. Do watch the enemy's turn carefully, you will see where some of his units are, remember the locations in case they are no longer visible when your turn starts. If you remember the location, scout towards it, with Commandos if you still have them and if they can reach the area. You have more resources than you can ever use, so Repair as often as possible. Remain on the defensive.

Beyond that, there is a certain amount of luck in this scenario. You may just have to replay it.

Older tip:

Here you need to wait for the Stealth Tanks to attack. PAY ATTENTION when it is the enemy´s turn to move. Don´t be scared, lay a trap for Stealth Tanks with one of your Scorpion Tanks so that you can kill the Stealth Tanks. See forest near your Oil Refinery that is between some mountains? There is a Stealth Tank north of it, move a Commando close to it, then move a Scorpion Tank in, to kill it. Another Stealth Tank will come around the west, move one of your Scorpion Tanks to reveal it and kill it when you can.


Here is showed where each of the Stealth Tanks are located:

Note from Machow8 (also know as Thopson1m/Arkium): they could be find thanks to game files' data.

Battalion Nemesis Mission 6 Blindfold Map (revealed Stealth Tanks)

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