Taking Out the TrashEdit

Battalion Nemesis Mission 5 Taking Out the Trash Map

Starting Facilities and Units: Edit

Blue: Edit

Command Center, Ground Control, 2 x Warfactory, 2 x Advanced Refinery, 4 x Refinery
$89/$118/$148 initial; $178/$236/$296 per round
1 x Rocket, 2 x Scorpion, 2 x Flak, 2 x Heavy Commando, 2 x Strike Commando

Red: Edit

Command Center, 2 x Ground Control, 2 x Warfactory, 2 x Advanced Refinery, 5 x Refinery
$155 initial; $310 per round
1 x Condor, 2 x Raptor, 1 x Scorpion, 2 x Strike Commando

Neutral: Edit

2 x Advanced Refinery, 2 x Refinery (worth $268 per round to Red)

Tactics Edit

Deploy one Raptor Fighter and Condor Bomber to the southeast, but BEWARE, there is a Flak Tank in the enemy Warfactory in the southeast waiting for any mistake you make, don´t give to it chance to kill your planes.The other Raptor Fighter you move to safety in the sea in the center of the map. Keep them there until you can use them to hit units without chance of loosing them. Move your Scorpion tank to near the mountain in the northeast, and move Commandos there to seize oil refineries for you. Don´t lose them, they are fundamental for you to get more money. In your northern Warfactory, build more Scorpion Tanks than Commandos, but in the Warfactory in the south, build more Commandos than Scorpion Tanks, because you need to get the oil refineries that are in the center-east. Build Scorpion Tanks to protect these Commandos and your aircraft against the enemy´s Flak Tanks. When possible park your units on top of the enemy Warfactories to stop the AI from building new units - with that you can have a easy win.

Another tactic is to send your first two units Airborne on the first round to capture the two neutral Advanced Oil Refineries - these are the most valuable resource targets on the map (worth 8x normal Refineries). In general if you attack aggressively in the north and south, producing Scorpions and Airborne Commandos, you should swiftly win.

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