Call in the CavalryEdit

Battalion Nemesis Mission 3 Call in the Calvary Map

Facilities and Units Edit

Blue Edit

3 x Refinery ($16/$21/$26 initial; x2 /round) 3 x Scorpion, 2 x Flak, 2 x Heavy Commando, 5 x Strike Commando

Red Edit

1 x Advanced Refinery ($30 initial; $60/round) 3 x Raptor (damaged), 3 x Rocket, 4 x Scorpion

Tactics Edit

Here you need to first withdraw your damaged Raptor fighters from contact with the enemy Flak Tanks. Do not lose them, because you can instead use them to attack the commandos and tanks that are in east (which have no anti-air capability). Killing, damaging and blocking Flak Tanks is your top priority. With the Flak Tanks destroyed, damaged or contained, your damaged Raptors become effective again. Use Rockets against the Flak Tanks whenever they are in range, including on the first turn. Then use Rockets to kill the enemy Scorpion tank near your units. Keep one or two Rocket trucks near the river. NEVER leave your Rocket trucks where they could be hit by enemy attacks. If you want, keep one of the Raptor fighters in bridge of center to block enemy's army and it will be excellent to create a trap for the enemy's flak tanks. When a Flak Tank gets too close to your Raptor fighters, use Rockets or Scorpion tanks to kill these Flak Tanks. Kill the rest of the enemy units with Raptor fighters and Scorpion tanks.

Game Walkthrough - Battalion Nemesis - Chapter 3 Call In The Caverly04:42

Game Walkthrough - Battalion Nemesis - Chapter 3 Call In The Caverly

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