Sticks and StonesEdit

Battalion Nemesis Mission 1 Sticks and Stones Map

Here you need to concentrate your attack on the left. Use 3 Scorpion tanks to attack units on the left. Use 2 Scorpion tanks to kill the commando in the center,then use the last one to hit the commando that is above of the forest in the east. The enemy Flak Tank in the south will come to the top left, so attack it with one of your 3 Scorpion tanks to kill it.The Scorpion tank that attacked the commando above the forest will be seriously damaged,so return it to not lose it. The enemy's Scorpion tank in the south will come to top right, so use one Scorpion tank to kill it. The other commandos that still are surviving, kill them quickly, because they do a lot of damage to your units.

Here is a gameplay video of this map:

Game Walkthrough - Battalion Nemesis - Chapter 1 Sticks and Stones03:41

Game Walkthrough - Battalion Nemesis - Chapter 1 Sticks and Stones

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