Battalion: Ghosts is a Turn-based Strategy game, and picks up right where Battalion: Nemesis left off. The fight against the Akadians continues and the story contains the same corny humor as in the previous game. However, the campaign follows Akadian Lieutenant Hayne in his efforts to crush the Northern Federation. The visuals and game engine has gotten an upgrade, which we got a taste of in the sneak-peak Battalion: Skirmish. The art is more detailed and the animations are smoother.


This is a strategy game where you maneuver military units on a grid and the goal is to defeat the enemy units. The game is turn-based and each unit can move a certain number of spaces in a turn. If you are new to the series or just unfamiliar with the new units, the game offers six easy tutorial missions. The campaign is quite short with only 10 levels (not counting the bonus map), but you can decide which of the three difficulties you want to play on. They are not just for show, there is a huge difference between the difficulty settings. You can adjust the difficulty between stages if you think the game is crazy hard or just a walk in the park.


Terrain types are split into land tiles and sea tiles, which in turn decide which units can move on these tiles. Shore tiles link sea and land together. Some terrain will slow units down, but in return some of these terrain types provide defensive cover which will cause your units to take less damage. Most terrain types provide some defensive cover.


The game features a range of different unit types and units. The units moving on the ground are divided into infantry and vehicles. Infantry units pack a punch for a cheap cost while tanks and other vehicles can move far and are heavily armored. Boats and submarines rule the seas, while air units can reach any area of the map. The game's armor system creates a paper-rock-scissors system of sorts, where any unit are really strong against specific units and weak against others.

This game implements the new units introduced in Battalion: Skirmish. Most importantly, you get to play a campaign using the Warmachine unit. This unit is a mobile base unit which can create land, sea and air units. Each Warmachine has a separate store of resources to use for building units. If you are running low, Warmachines can extract more resources from Ore Deposits on the map. The Warmachine can also defend itself by shooting a single shot per turn.


Destruction Derby
  Destruction Derby Badge
Easy pts
Battalion: Ghosts » Destroy 10 enemy units
Pearl Necklace Battle Trophy
  Pearl Necklace Battle Trophy Badge
Medium pts
Battalion: Ghosts » Defeat Pearl in the bonus map
Akadian War Veteran
  Akadian War Veteran Badge
Medium pts
Battalion: Ghosts » Complete the final chapter of the campaign
Scourge of the Federation
  Scourge of the Federation Badge
Hard pts
Battalion: Ghosts » Complete all 10 campaign chapters on the "hard" difficulty setting

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