Note: This description is not official, instead, was made by fan(s).

A map where you need to survive.

-2- Battalion Arena Mission Walled Garden


Here the player needs to survive 30 rounds, but that doesn't mean that the player can not counter attack the AI. If you want to attack, be CAREFUL of the way that you attack. The AI will never stop producing new units, so you have to be more to defensive then offensive.

Big Tips: The AI never produces planes. The two that you seen in the above image are all that is produced. So there is no need to build jammer trucks. Two flak tanks are enough for to kill them, or you can use your warmachine to attack. If you want to build stealth tanks here, you have to move and attack with them from the west or east, NEVER by center, because the AI focuses it´s attack on the center. You need to kill the turrets, because the turrets will not be produced later, and they do a lot of damage against your units.

If you build stealths, destroy all the blockades on the sides and attack the turrets.

Stealth tanks aren´t produced by AI, so don´t worry about receiving surprise attacks.

A cheap way to destroy the northern most turrets is by using two heavy commandos. Fly one to three squares north of the turret and the other to three square to the outside of the turret. On the next turn, move the commandos next to the turret and attack.


This page's improved info, map's image quality, organization and more details thanks to Machow8, since he datamined all games from Battalion: Series games.