Note: This description is not official, instead, was made by fan(s).

A defensive map that needs patience and tactic.

-3- Battalion Arena Mission Three Minutes


Here you need a good tactic to hit AI´s warmachines, that have an iron defensive.

Big Tips: Put commandos ( strike or heavy ) to fly and do a barrier to stop AI´s army attack, the only units that can hit your flying barrier are Flak Tank, Raptor Fighter and Rocket Truck. Condor Bomber can´t hit any flying/air units, so, don´t worry; if you want to build Stealth Tanks, move it by top and east or to south, because in center it will be discovered and will be easily killed; here, as in other maps, you need to build cheap units, because it´s important to save money, since you can need it to build units in a dangerous situation.


This page's improved info, map's image quality, organization and more details thanks to Machow8, since he datamined all games from Battalion: Series games.