Note: This description is not official, instead, was made by fan(s).

A coop map where tactic and smart(ish) ideas are necessary.

-3- Battalion Arena Mission Test Drive


Here you need fast and knowledge of the time to run.

You need to kill flaks and raptors first, because without it, you can build planes without a chance to lose it; build stealths, because here they are very necessary to do surprise attacks against weak units, as commandos and rockets; here build cheap units until annihilators get close of your warmachines, in this time, build annihilators or condor bombers( this planes will do a lot of damage against all units, except raptors ); don´t forget condor in top, for it build a raptor to kill it in 2 turns, when all flaks and raptors be down.


This page's improved info, map's image quality, organization and more details thanks to Machow8, since he datamined all games from Battalion: Series games.