A teamwork easy map.


As with Reinbough, you need teamwork and patience to win here.

Big Tips: Beware with stealths in center, DON´T keep your units free to receive a hit of it; in bridge of south put U-Boat in it to block stealths, because only hunters and condors can hit U-Boat; in bridge of top and east, put a raptor above it to block stealth´s attacks against the ranged units( Rocket and Mortar Trucks ); DON´T put ships too close of terrain, because the stealths can hit it; NEVER lose condors here, because it do the allmost of hits here aginst stealths and other units, except raptors; BEWARE with turret in top, because it can kill all units that get too close of it´s attack area; DON´T lose ranged units( Rocket and Mortar Trucks ), they are fundamental to hit stealths and other units.

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