Note: This description is not official, instead, was made by fan(s).

One of the hardest maps of Battalion Arena. -1- Battalion Arena Mission Reinbough


Here teamwork and patience are fundamental.

Big Tips: NEVER ultrapass Blockades, save the maximum number of Turrets. it´s not necessary build Jammer Trucks, because when planes (Raptors and Condor Bombers) get too close, build flaks to hit it. NEVER keep you warmachine free to receive a hit, because it´s your life in a match. Lose it and game is over for you. Keep Lancers alive, because they are fundamental in middle of the match. build cheap units, such as scorpions, flak tanks and mortars (not annihilator and rockets that are expensive). If you spend all your money early, you won't be able to build units to save your warmachine in a dangerous situation.


This page's improved info, map's image quality, organization and more details thanks to Machow8, since he datamined all games from Battalion: Series games.