Note: This description is not official, instead, was made by fan(s).

A map where you have to safe one unit to not lose the match. -4- Battalion Arena Mission Extraction (hidden Stealh Tanks)


Here is TOO MUCH NECESSARY not loosing COMMANDO, because if you lose it, game is over for you.

Big Tips: you can´t waste your time waiting AI´s army attack and do a counter-strike, because AI´s army WILL NEVER END( no kidding ); you have to move your units protecting commando of any hit, and you have to move it to bridge in south in safe; you need to kill turret, but BEWARE, because next of turret have stealths waiting to do a surprise and kill all your units, including commando; don´t free the blocked Mortar truck in south, because in it´s position, it can´t receive a hit and it can hit all AI´s army.

SPOILER: The following image reveals all Stealth Tanks that are in map (due to not being able to get coop map files, i am unable to show the exact Stealth Tank positions, so, how they appear on the following image is just a conjecture, but i know the quantity thanks to videos i recorded while Battalion: Arena was still online/avaliable):

-4- Battalion Arena Mission Extraction (shown Stealh Tanks)


This page's improved info, map's image quality, organization and more details thanks to Machow8, since he datamined all games from Battalion: Series games.