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Gameplay ModesEdit

Online ModeEdit

The online mode connects you to other players, to play with or against them. There is a ranking system for online play.

Map EditorEdit

The map editor allows players to create and share their own maps.

Free accounts can create two maps, but can't share them with other users online. Premium membership costs $10 and allows you to create up to 20 maps and allows for sharing them online. Elite membership costs $20 and allows you to create up to 45 maps and allows for sharing them online.

Using the map editor, you can create maps of different sizes. The minimum map size 10x10 tiles and the maximum is 20x20 tiles.

Also scripts can be added to the map to create various triggers and effects.


The game has eight tutorial missions which gradually teach you the game mechanics. Different units, buildings and terrain types is also covered.

Single Player CampaignsEdit

This mode links you to the various single player games in the Battalion series.

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