This section contains tips and tactics for beating the Coop maps in Battalion: Arena.

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Mission Pack 1: Gang-Up GauntletEdit


-1- Battalion Arena Mission Reinbough

A hard map where three players face an overwhelming computer controlled force. The players are walled in by blockades and turrets, which provides a defensive position where the players can build up units before attacking.

Walled GardenEdit

-2- Battalion Arena Mission Walled Garden

The goal of the map is to survive 30 rounds.

Three MinutesEdit

-3- Battalion Arena Mission Three Minutes

A tactic map which will test your tactics.


-4- Battalion Arena Mission Extraction (hidden Stealh Tanks)

Protect your Commando against endless waves of enemy attacks.


-5- Battalion Arena Mission Blicksome (pixel-perfect)

Three players face a large enemy force at the bottom of the map. The players may complete the line of blockades to delay the enemy until they can build units.

Campaign 1: AftermathEdit


-1- Battalion Arena Mission Skedaddle (hidden Stealth Tanks & U-Boats)

Due to it's layout style and initial dialogue, it is a direct sequence from Battalion Nemesis' final map mission.


-2- Battalion Arena Mission Experiment

Make sure to save all units possible, since allies can't make any new units. Be careful!

Test DriveEdit

-3- Battalion Arena Mission Test Drive

Can you survive this simple test?

Head to HeadEdit

-4- Battalion Arena Mission Head to Head (hidden Stealth Tanks)

Can you use your head to ellaborate a nice survival plan?

Going GoldEdit

-5- Battalion Arena Mission Going Gold (hidden Stealth Tanks)

Be careful to not only focus on those gold spots!

Campaign 2: IncendiaryEdit

Burning BridgesEdit

-1- Battalion Arena Mission Burning Bridges

A direct map where you can easily lose all your units thanks to enemy's Annihilator Tank.


-2- Battalion Arena Mission Gopher (hidden Stealth Tanks)

Don't let this map fool you: there are several Stealth Tanks, so, keeping Jammer Trucks live is essential to reveal them all!

The Red BaronEdit

-3- Battalion Arena Mission The Red Baron (hidden Stealth Tanks)

You can feel Stealth Tanks sneaking here. Be careful! They can be more near than you think!


-4- Battalion Arena Mission Mayjority

You have limited resources here! I know, you can think the opposite when seeing so many refinary buildings, but, you're wrong! Think before you build!


-5- Battalion Arena Mission Memorandum

The biggest and very complex map of the entire campaign coop maps.


This page's improved info, map's image quality, organization and more details thanks to Machow8, since he datamined all games from Battalion: Series games.