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Avatar is the fictional cartoon image that appears all whole time while you are playing in Online Mode.

You can customize it with an enormous variety of items.

You can customize its background, outfit, face, mouth, eyes, nose, hair and three different accessories.

You can choose the color of hair, eyes and skin.

You can choose between male and female.

You can win these different customization options by playing against other players or AI (Artificial Intelligence), or buying items, having the payed memberships ( Elite or Premium ).

All avatar custom items are:

Neutral Items:

Common Items: Aviators, Blue and White Flag, Dog Tag, Headset, Red Plus Flag, Glasses, Headphones, Medic Flag, Shield Flag.

Uncommon Items: Face Scar, Standard Bearer Flag, Bandana, Eyepatch, Mr. West Shades.

Rare Items: UFO, Rifle, Silver Medal, Dino Hat, Katanas, Roboface, Throne, Bronze Medal, Gold Medal.

Male Items:

Common Items: Headband, Metal Hat, Officerś Hat, Spiked Collar, Turban, Akadian Target Mask, Face Tattoo, Headphones, Medic Hat, Pilot Helmet.

Uncommon Items: Akadian Grunt Helm, Bandana, Face Scar, Fear Helm, Night Vision Goggles, Standard Bearer Flag, Mr. West Shades, Demon Mask, Eyepatch, Gangster Hat, Head Bandana, Jester Hat, Neck Tattoo, Spock Ears, Steampunk Goggles.

Rare Items: Akadian Tanker Helm, Critter, Ninja Mask, Raiden Hat, Viking Helm.

Female Items:

Common Items: Choker, Gothic Earrings, North Federation Hat.

Uncommon Items: Necklace Watch, Spockette Ears, Burga, Desert Earrings.

Rare Items: Heart Shades, Skull, Tiara.

All avatar backgrounds are:

Common Backgrounds: Clouds, Hangar, Monitor, Desert, Hammer, Planes.

Uncommon Backgrounds: Desert Outpost, Jungle, Mountains, Naval Base, Sky City, Industrial Complex, Medic Tent.

Rare Backgrounds: Prehistoric, Trippy, Moon, Mushroom Cloud, Pagoda, Red Army.

All avatar outfits are:

Male Outfits:

Common Outfits: Akadian, North Federation, Medic, Red Outfit, Officer Shirt, White Outfit.

Uncommon Outfits: Bomber Jacket, Desert Garb, Black Outfit.

Rare Outfits: Pirate, Dracukin Suit, Akadian Elite, Ninja Suit.

Female Outfits:

Common Outfits: North Federation, Akadian.

Uncommon Outfits: Desert Shawl, Pilot Suit.

Rare Outfits: Victorian Dress, Officer Jacket, Kimono.

All avatar body parts are:

Male Body Parts:


Common Faces: Argent, Durand, Mullen, Tucker, Hayne, Mirin, Saul.

Uncommon Faces: Mayjor, Dark.

Rare Faces: Usul.


Common Mouths: Argent, Durand, Mullen, Tucker, Gunman, Goatee, Hayne, Mirin, Saul.

'Uncommon Mouths: 'Mayjor, Anchor, Dark.

'Rare Mouths: 'Usul.


Common Eyes: Argent, Durand, Mullen, Tucker, Hayne, Mirin, Saul.

'Uncommon Eyes:' Mayjor, Dark.

Rare Eyes: Usul.


Common Noses: Argent, Durand, Mullen, Tucker, Hayne, Mirin, Saul.

'Uncommon Noses: 'Mayjor, Dark.

'Rare Noses:' Usul.


Common Hairs: Argent, Durand, Mullen, Tucker, Hayne, Mirin, Saul.

'Uncommon Hairs: ' Mayjor, Dark.

'Rare Hairs:' Usul.

Female Body Parts:


Common Faces: Jackie, Lanie, Yurik, Pearl.

Uncommon Faces: Jade.

Rare Faces: --.


Common Mouths: Jackie, Lanie, Yurik, Pearl.

'Uncommon Mouths: Jade.

Rare Mouths: --.


Common Eyes: Jackie, Lanie, Yurik, Pearl. 'Uncommon Eyes: 'Jade.

Rare Eyes: --.


'Common 'Noses: Jackie, Lanie, Yurik, Pearl. Uncommon Noses: Jade.

Rare Noses: --.


'Common 'Hairs: Jackie, Lanie, Yurik, Pearl, Barb.

Uncommon Hairs: Juliet, Jade.

Rare Hairs: --.

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