Battalion: Arena was a tactical turn-based game. The gameplay was heavily influenced by the Nintendo game Advance Wars. It was part of the Battalion series of games, where it was the only multiplayer game.

The game included several improvements over previous Battalion: games, including custom player maps, new units such as the Spider Tank, and multiplayer.

Servers (without which the game can not function) were turned off and game was removed in April 1st, 2012.


Matches may be anywhere from 1-4 players. On each player turns, they can move and attack with their units.

There are two modes of gameplay: Blitz, and Normal. In Normal, map contains buildings player must control to create units and generate income (that mode comes from Battalion Nemesis). In Blitz, the player has Ore Deposit terrain and Warmachines (a special kind of unit, which can build units and extract income from Ore Deposits, to get resource to build new units).

Each unit has either light, medium or heavy armor kind along with light, medium or heavy attack kind. Light armor is actually good against defending against heavy attacks, but falls to light attacks. Medium armor deals with everything equally. Heavy armor is good at defending against medium and light attacks, but can't stand up to heavy attacks.

Medium armor, by default, don't have any special feature to prevent enemy attacks damage.

When an unit of light armor is hit by a light attack kind, the light attack hits for x1.5 the base damage. A light attack that does 20 damage will do 30 damage against an enemy with light armor. The damage seems to always round up.

Every terrain give you a bonus of defense, except canyons, ore deposits, roads and bridges.



The game features lots of unit types. The units moving on the ground are divided into infantry and vehicles. Infantry units pack a punch for a cheap cost, while tanks and other vehicles can move far and are heavily armored. Boats and submarines rule the seas, while air units can reach any area of the map (except by Volcanoes). The game's armor system creates a paper-rock-scissors system of sorts, where any unit are really strong against specific units and weak against others.





Terrain types are split into land tiles and sea tiles, which decides which units can move on these tiles. Shore tiles link sea and land together. Some terrain will slow units down, but in return some of these terrain types provide defensive cover which will cause your units to take less damage. Some terrain types will damage your units if they rest on them. Warmachines can extract Ore from Ore deposit tiles in order to gain more money for producing units.

Gameplay ModesEdit

Modes of Play

The game contain both single-player campaigns and online multi-player. There are 8 tutorial missions teaching the player the controls and tactics of the game. There is also a map editor for users to create their own maps.


Maps of Battalion Arena Screen

There are two types of maps in the game, Battle Maps and Coop Maps. On the Battle Maps, 2-4 players fight against each other. When playing Coop Maps, players cooperate to defeat a computer controlled enemy. This section contains tips and advice on how to win on each map.

Player AvatarsEdit

Player Avatars

There is a large number of unlockable avatars for the player to choose from.


These are the characters from Battalion: Series. Some of them appeared on Battalion: Arena.


These are musics from Battalion Arena' Soundtrack.

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Former BadgesEdit

Due to the servers being shut down, these badges were removed on April 1st, 2012.

Prepared for War
  Prepared for War Badge
Easy pts
Battalion: Arena » Complete the 8th and final Boot Camp mission
Coalition of the Willing
  Coalition of the Willing Badge
Medium pts
Battalion: Arena » Emerge victorious from 5 cooperative battles


All Battalion: Series games from Ghosts to Vengeance are the same.

This is known thanks to datamining and analyzing various Battalion: Series games files.

For example, on 'com.gamedozer.battalion.BattalionContext' code, the following lines can be found:

public function get episodeName() : String

           case EPISODE_ARENA:
              return "Battalion: Arena";
           case EPISODE_EPISODE1:
              return "Battalion: Nemesis";
           case EPISODE_EPISODE2:
              return "Battalion: Ghosts";
           case EPISODE_EPISODE3:
              return "Battalion: Vengeance";
           case SKIRMISH_SKIRMISH1:
              return "Battalion: Skirmish";
              return "Battalion";

Which tells to the game which screen to load, depending on which episode is chosen.

So, for example, anyone that have Battalion: Vengeance' SWF file and have enough actionscript knowledge can transform it back to Battalion: Arena, but, of course, will need to edit everything on it to make it work offline, on local PC.


This page's improved info and details thanks to Machow8, since he datamined all games from Battalion: Series.