While this game presents itself as a simple launcher game where you throw basketballs into hoops, the level design actually make the game skew more towards the puzzle category. The object of the game is to get the ball into the basket on each level.


Each level presents the player with a number of baskets which the player must get the ball into in order to complete the level. The ball starts in the hand of a player on your team, but the players can not be moved. Instead the ball must be shot using standard launcher physics, where you use the mouse to determine the angle and power of your shot. If the ball reaches another player on your team, the ball can be shot again from that location. There are a number of obstacles and opposing players that the ball must get around to reach the baskets. Some of these are pure puzzle elements, such as hitting switches, breaking blocks, letting the ball roll down hills or loading the ball into a cannon.

The game has 38 puzzle levels to beat. There are no limits to the amount of shots to use, but each level has a timer recording how much time you spend beating the level. The player can achieve a bronze, silver, or a gold star by completing the level under a set amount of time. Hitting the judge gives the player extra 5 seconds to get the gold star.


  Wish I Was a Baller Badge
Easy pts
BasketBalls » Clear the first 10 levels
  MVP Badge
Hard pts
BasketBalls » Earn all 38 gold medals

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