Balloon in a Wasteland is a shooter where you face waves of enemies. When your balloon crash-lands in a wasteland of foul creatures, you have to fight to survive. Acquire weapons, a fort, and turrets while you try to fix your balloon. Balance your free time between battles so you are prepared for future waves. Try to escape as soon as you can!


Use the keyboard to move and use the mouse to aim and shoot. Enemies will approach from the right side of the screen in waves, and you'll have to mow them down as they come. Killing enemies reward you with cash to purchase upgrades. Between waves, shopkeeper trucks arrives which allow you to buy traps, new weapons, fortresses to retreat to when things get hairy, and upgrades for everything. The goal is to survive long enough to repair your balloon and escape in as few days as possible. Run over to it whenever you get a chance and tap the down arrow to start repairing it, but doing so leaves you unable to attack. Keep an eye on your health and your stamina, since if the latter gets low enough, your accuracy will begin to degrade. Buy a fort to sleep safely in to recover it.


Name Goal
Hey, My Gun Works! Shoot your first enemy
Private Kill 100 enemies in a game
Corporal Take down 200 enemies in a game
Sergeant Slap 500 enemies in a game
Major Kill 1,000 enemies in a game
Love the Rain Survive Day 1
Surviving The Day Survive Day 2
The Long Haul Survive Day 3
Saving Up Save up 10k in cash
Hoarding Cash Save up 15k in cash
First Home Buy the first fort available
Bigger Place Buy the second fort
Fully Built Get your fort up to full size
Kaboom Destroy an enemy with a landmine
Assault Rifle Owner Own the Assault Rifle
Machine Gun Owner Purchase the Machine Gun
BoomPipe Owner Purchase the BoomPipe
Great Escape Refill your balloon to completion
Inflat-o-matic Escape before day 4


  Balloon Private Badge
Easy pts
Balloon in a Wasteland » Slay 100 foes
  Great Balloon Escape Badge
Medium pts
Balloon in a Wasteland » Escape the perils of the ground with your balloon


Balloon in a Wasteland Walkthrough "Speedrun"07:21

Balloon in a Wasteland Walkthrough "Speedrun"

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