Balance Balls 2 is a simple game where you balance a red ball on a straight bar for as long as you can. You have to shift the weight by using arrow keys and keep the ball from falling down. The difficulty comes from the other falling objects which changes the weight distribution on the bar that you have to balance.


The object of the game is to keep balancing the bar in order to prevent the red ball from falling down. As small balls fall from the sky, they shift the weight on the bar and you have to use the arrow keys to nudge the bar back into balance so the ball doesn't roll off. There is no goal, you just have to survive as long as possible. The longer you survive, the harder the game gets by increasing the number of falling balls.


Where the game expands on the previous Balance Balls is by introducing power-ups. There are three power-ups that may fall randomly from the sky. One makes your ball bigger and weigh more, which makes the bar harder to balance as it require more force to keep it up. Another one makes the ball smaller and lighter. The third power-up gives you spikes, which in turn means you can crush the other falling balls. If you touch the other balls while you have spikes, you can remove the falling balls and reduce the weight on the bar. Getting another Crush power-up while you have spikes removes the spikes.


  • The soundtrack ends and starts playing again once the player reaches 100 points.


  Scale of Justice Badge
Hard pts
Balance Balls 2 » Survive for 120 seconds

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