The Cuboy series contains point and click adventure games and the first one in the series is called Back to the Cubeture: Era 1. The Back to the Cubeture is based on a series of flash cartoons to create a somewhat short adventure that features our hero, Cuboy, the ultimate friend. He's so ultimate that when dastardly bad-guy type Esquire Padrino builds a time-warping device to destroy the world, he springs to the rescue. The game's setting is the old wild west and all characters are completely square blocks.


As far as point and click adventure games go, this one definitely requires some out of the box thinking, because these box people can't think for themselves. The game is full of strange humor and is for many considered rather weird. The puzzles often require you to leave common sense behind for a while.

The Back to the Cubeture series features our hero Cuboy, which must save the world from an evil villain. For the most part, Back to the Cubeture plays like a standard point and click, with you clicking on objects on the screen and clicking to make the protagonist move and interact with people and objects. You have access to Cuboy's inventory via the box in the upper-right corner of the screen, where you can review objectives, check out the items you've collected, or play dress up. If you get into a fight, you'll play a little mini-game in order to fight wild west style. The game is simple. You have to wait for the traffic light to flash DRAW so you can tap the Spacebar to shoot your foe before he shoots you. Draw too quickly, and you're a filthy cheater. If you draw too late, you lose and you'll have to try again, once you peel yourself off the bar.


  Gammy Underwear Badge
Easy pts
Back to the Cubeture (1) » Find the sheriff
  Ultimate Winner Badge
Medium pts
Back to the Cubeture (1) » Defeat Esquire Padrino

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