Babylon is a dark and terrifying place filled with violence and death. Entering this room may result in loss of sanity, limbs or life. When in Babylon, do not attract attention to yourself unless you came prepared to either fight for your life, bribe your way out or die. Many have perished from not coming prepared and many more are sure to follow that trend. There is a very strong bond between the regs so if you start a fight with one of them they will all eat you alive. (however sometimes it is a lovely place and filled with beautiful human beings and rabbits and flowers rain from the heavens and there isn't a cloud in the sky (unless you like rain, in which case it rains constantly) and everyone smiles and laughs and the rainbows and unicorns thrive)

Traits appreciated for regs in Babylon:

  • good use of spelling and grammar
  • being over 13
  • Proper use of logic
  • being able to speak 15 languages (this is optional, but if you can, well done!)


Very little is known about Babylon's origins. But that is of no consequence. Babylon, as we know it now, came into existence in the autumn of 2009 when fgfgfg staged a takeover and became room owner bringing with him allies from Ineptitude (now known as Asylum). From then on the room has morphed into something much larger than anyone expected.


The only troll allowed in Babylon:

  • Pathetisad

NO EXCEPTIONS! Any other trolls caught trespassing will be killed and their eyeballs used to decorated the door so all will know the consequences.

Funny TimesEdit

We have many funny times in Babylon. To be fair most of our 'funny times' are us being mean to idiots. In the nicest way possible :D Here are a few examples. If anyone wants to add some more feel free.

Bullying on one of our pet hates: ppl who spel funnyEdit

nathanwk: no are u all neards i mean it

geckoguy78: nerds*

ninja_seahorse: nerds

geckoguy78: and no we’re not

Deboru: At least we can spell

XxOvershotxX: I’m hardly offended.

ninja_seahorse: :L

nathanwk: yes

Deboru: And will get good jobs

geckoguy78: we just have an IQ of more than 3

Elcarim: who cen spel?

Pure idiocyEdit

JayDoggJoe: suns rising have to wait till night

ninja_seahorse: Ooooh you might turn into a werewolf if you wait till night…

xweert123: Night gives the wolf the advantage.

xweert123: Yeaah duuudee…

Found_Four: Nah, it’s gibbous moon tonight.

JayDoggJoe: is it a full moon

ninja_seahorse: can you not read?

JayDoggJoe: i could control it then 


The genius of our roomEdit

The psycho of KongregateEdit

Quasi: I’m quite sure that if you only cut off a small layer of skin at the time, you can make a few thousand really painful cuts before someone dies. ;o

Alex_The_Savor: Unless they have a weak heart Quasi.

Quasi: Of course, you first cut out the eye lids and give them an adrenaline shot right in the heart.

Quasi: So they must watch and can’t pass out.

Then the gigglesEdit

425425: Sup?

Elcarim: Soup!

deathbringer23: You have soup on your head?

Active ModsEdit

Currently, a few mods claim Babylon as their home. Other than fgfgfg, these mods include:

  • Adirondack (Also the most polite mod on Kongregate)
  • Dvice
  • Gevock
  • GibsonLP93
  • Pokerhappy
  • Rachel654
  • Vanja77


-Being on the list doesn't mean you're a reg if regs don't like you, in that case please refer to the wanted section.

  • Airumas Level 45
  • bananagram    Level 65
  • chibab              Level 65
  • DarkFang666     Level 39
  • Diavolui             Level 37
  • Directorx5397 Level 23
  • Deboru             Level 51
  • Dvice                 Level 50
  • Elcarim              Level 65
  • GibsonLP93      Level 37
  • Generaloberst   Level 46
  • jclements          Level 54
  • Misandemon     Level 42
  • Pokerhappy       Level 51
  • Rachel654         Level 50
  • RebelScum Level 37
  • Rochalia            Level 47
  • sorCrer              Level 34
  • SuikaHakurei     Level 65
  • vanja77             Level 52
  • Waffles911        Level 44


The very cancer that inhabits our room, turning the chat into a staccato of cock-humor and under-a-bridge-quality-of-drugs-conversations or just plain retardation. Those people are annoyingly sticking to our chat like a grunt's plasma grenade to a perfectly fine Mjolnir helmet.

  • TaJMoX
  • MoXTaJ (In case his sorry behind gets banned again)
  • Mudos
  • Rolby
  • ThinkLiveLife
  • Attempt404 ($1000 for his head)
  • Cumbriel/Dumbriel/Umbriel/WoB
  • huggymonster (If you see this pile of goat shit feel free to cut all his limbs off and throw him in a dumpster.)

The EndEdit

The door is never open. Make sure you knock. We have anti-intruder traps set up. All of which will result in your death. You were warned.


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