This fast-paced, scientific-based game is intended to educate players about the mysteries of the brain through a casual gaming experience. Axon, which is Greek word for "nerve fibre", the player has to connect neurons to each other in order to advance. The game is based on real features of neuron development in the fetal brain and was developed for the Wellcome Collection exhibit.


You have to think fast and click even faster. In the fast-paced action game Axon, you've got to grow your brain from the ground up by making neural connections. You start as a neural cell in a fetal brain and your goal is to stretch your neuron to as many protein targets as possible. This is done by clicking any of the available protein targets above your cell. Your neuron can only reach a certain distance to make a new connection, and that distance diminishes quickly, so you've got to act quickly to stay alive. Along the way, you'll find colored protein targets that boost your neuron's reach or even send you flying along your path, but be wary of competing neurons that can cut off your path. The longer you can grow your neuron, the higher you will score.

From the main menu there's information about the science behind the game, but more engaging is finding out what kind of neuron you end up growing after you fail to continue expanding. Once your trip through the brain comes to an end, you’re given a link to Wikipedia where you can find out more.

Types of neuronsEdit


  Purveyor of Proteins Badge
Easy pts
Axon » Build a neuron that is at least 5,000 micrometers in length
  Nerves of Steel Badge
Hard pts
Axon » Build a neuron that is at least 75,000 micrometers in length

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