Arzea is a 2D retro-style platformer game in which the player controls a wizard, killing monsters to level up and collecting orbs to acquire new powers. It was originally developed by Arkeus for a Ludum Dare 24-hour game development competition and then expanded upon later.


Move and jump with the WASD keys while aiming and firing your spells with the mouse. As you collect more spells you can switch between them with the number keys or with the Shift key. Your arcane weapons come in a variety of forms but tend to be point-and-shoot types with varying effective ranges.


In this Metroidvania-style action platformer, you play as a wizard stranded in a strange land of Arzea with only a variety of spells and upgrades to help you escape. Your main goal is to find your way home from this strange world. A number of areas are locked off to the player at first, but as you collect a large variety of keys, you can open doors and continue to explore the land. Many of the keys are guarded by nasty bosses, which must be defeated to acquire the key. These boss battles are tense and exciting, making them the highlight of the game. There are also a number of mysterious shards to collect for those that enjoy achievement collecting and finding everything in a game.


  • Douse - Douses fire.
  • Chill - Freezes water.
  • Fireball - Can melt frozen ice paths.
  • Double Jump - Allows you to double jump.
  • Shock - Turns on switches.
  • Spire - Destroys certain blocks.
  • Wind -



  • Level Up!: Reach Level 5
  • Feel the Power: Reach Level 10
  • It's Still Beating: Collect a Heart Orb
  • Oceanstratagy: Destroy [or berate] an enemy while standing underwater
  • Alohamora: Collect a key
  • You Monster: Kill an enemy
  • Watch the Clock: Play for at least 20 minutes


  • Superpowered: Reach Level 15
  • Roid Rage: Reach Level 25
  • The Collector: Collect a Heart Orb, Speed Orb, and Jump Orb
  • Double Kill: Kill two enemies at the same time
  • The Cleanse: Kill 200 enemies
  • King of the World: Reach the top of the world
  • A Source of Power: Collect a mysterious fragment


  • Prefect: Reach Level 35
  • Unlock the Rainbow: Collect all 10 keys
  • Gotta Cast 'em All: Learn all 6 spells
  • Orange Jello: Kill the Golden Slime


  • Head Boy: Reach Level 45
  • Completionist: Collect all Heart, Speed, and Jump Orbs
  • A Way Home: Collect all 10 mysterious fragments



  • The achievement name "Alohamora" is a reference to a Harry Potter spell.
  • The achievement "Gotta Cast 'em All" is a reference to the Pokémon franchise's slogan.


  Keys to Success Badge
Easy pts
Arzea » Find 2 keys
  Oh Ho Ho It's Magic Badge
Medium pts
Arzea » Destroy the evil wizard and find your way home

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