The Arts and Sounds was a section of Kongregate which allowed users to post their art and music directly on the site. This section does no longer exist.

The Arts and SoundsEdit

Collabs screen

The Arts and Sounds section allowed users to post their art and music on the site. This section was originally named the Collabs and the purpose of this section is for artists, musicians and game developers to meet and collaborate with each other. This section is for showcasing art and music while the Collaborations forum allows users to agree on collaborations. Unlike The Arts forum, which also allows artists to show off their work, submissions in the Arts and Sounds section can be rated and commented, just like games. Normal point systems take effect on the in the Arts and Sounds section. Artists also have chances to redeem cash prizes.


Invasion medium

The user MADLABS created this art. As of October 12, 2009, it is the highest rated image at 4.55/5

You only submit content that you yourself have created and have the rights to distribute. The art and music uploaded to Kongregate can be licensed either with copyright, or the Creative Commons (American jurisdiction) license. This allows game developers to use the art and music on the site. Photographs or submission dominated by words may not be submitted to the Art section. The Sounds section only allows you to submit files using the MP3 format. Only registered users may post in the the Arts and Sounds section.


Since the Arts and Sounds is a large multimedia network, it needs moderation. Moderators who are also able to moderate the Arts and Sounds section are called Curators and have an orange Curator icon instead of the regular Moderator icon. The current Curators are JohannasGarden, truendymion, rawismojo, Jindo, Dinosaur_Hunter, matt, Darth_Sirov and TheDavidCarney.

Ending the CollabsEdit

On 29 November 2012, it was announced that the Arts and Sounds (Collabs) section would be taken down after the beginning of 2013 to give people time to download their works and upload them elsewhere. In the meantime, it was no longer possible to upload new artwork or music. The change was announced in this thread.

Helpful LinksEdit

Collaborations forum on Kongregate

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