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Army of Destruction is a defense shooter where you have to defend your city from the alien invasion. Enemies arrive in waves and you aim and shoot with the mouse.


The purpose of the game is to survive the alien invasion. The enemies arrive in waves from the right of the screen and you have to shoot them down using all the weapons at your disposal. You use the mouse to aim the crosshairs and shoot down any approaching enemy. Number keys switches between the available weapons on the fly. Between levels, you get to use any gained currency to repair your base.

The game has 15 levels to beat which ties into the storyline. There are 6 unlockable weapons, base upgrades and 6 different enemy units. Every Enemy has a weakness for a particular weapon, shotgun and pistol for kamikazes, rifle for bikers and cloak soldiers, rocket and laser for mech units.


  Double Dome Defender Badge
Medium pts
Army of Destruction » Successfully defend your dome against 15 waves of attacks

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