Areas is an artsy shooter game where you control a little turret. The game is played with the mouse, but entirely without clicking. There is no text to be had in the menus, only icons, which are easy enough to figure out. And you don't click on them, or anything, throughout the game. If you want to interact with something, mouse over it and be patient, and it will unfold for itself. Oh, and don't bother trying to continue on to the next level when you fail; the replay button will shove it out of your reach anyway. Despite the game's simple looks, the game is ultimately quite complex. It's atmosphere and simple mechanics can be quite addictive.


A minimalistic shooter that seems endlessly repetitive…or is it? Move the cursor away from the mouse to move, stay close to the mouse to shoot, and hover right over the shooter you control to pause. When firing, use your mouse to aim your shot, but be careful not to move it too far from the turret if you don't wish to move it around. It may take some practice to get used to exactly where the line is between moving, shooting and pausing. In the beginning, it may seem difficult but it is not that hard to master. Once you get used to the controls, you'll see that the game demonstrates a great blend of action and strategy while playing on its innovative control scheme.

Areas pits your ship or turret against an armada of expanding white circles. To stop them from expanding, you must shoot them down as fast as possible. When you destroy a circle, it may leave behind one of the titular areas. Shoot your turret at them or move through one of these areas to receive a temporary power-up. In early levels, the power-up areas do basic stuff like making your shots bigger and shielding you from the taking damage from getting crushed as the white circles expand and try to take over the entire area. As the game progresses, the areas get more creative and more varied, keeping the gameplay interesting and constantly increasing the difficulty.


  Areas Codebreaker Badge
Easy pts
Areas » Decode the title screen, enter a game and fumble your way to 10,000 points
  Beyond Clicking Badge
Hard pts
Areas » Buttons are overrated. Prove it by completing all 74 levels

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