Apokalyx is a turn-based arena combat RPG that was developed by Xplored. The setting is post-apocalyptic and takes place 600 years after a cataclysmic event. This even is never explained in the game, but nonetheless it has radically changed the world. It caused mutations in humans, gave rise to slavery and paved the way for arena combat fights to the death. A multi-player function is being worked on and tested, but has not yet been released.


The player can pick between three character classes: Mutant, Stark One, and Wildcat. The biggest difference between each race is the powers they have. Each race has 30 different powers that can be earned using skill points. The player can choose between character pre-sets, specified as Aggressive, Tactician, Agile, and Tank. If you want more control over the character build, you can choose to make a custom set with custom stats, distributing all the skill points yourself. A character's appearance can also be customized. After setting up your new character, head to town and prepare for battle.

The town area is where you'll go between battles and it consists of three locations. There is a store for purchasing and selling items and equipment. The barracks is where you go to distribute the skill points you earn after every battle. The tavern let's you hire temporary allies who will stay with you for one fight, as a boost to that single fight. You may also acquire information about future opponents. The arena is where you will spend the most time, as it is where the fighting itself happens. There are no side-quests and very little storyline. It's all about the combats and there are about 60 combats to complete in the game.

Combat is turn-based and you can control all your actions with your mouse. Click on an enemy to attack and choose whether you want to use on of your powers or perform a physical strike. If you're doing a physical strike you can attack multiple times, but your accuracy will decrease with each successive attack, which also goes for dual-wielding weapons. Click on yourself and you can choose to heal or use a power. If you're bringing allies into the fray with you they'll be AI controlled. After you mop the floor with your enemies, you'll get to loot one piece of equipment from the body or bodies of your fallen enemies.


  • In some areas, the game's official website spells the game name as Apokalix instead of Apokalyx.


  Rags to (Moderate) Riches Badge
Easy pts
Apokalyx » Earn 500 gold
  Gladiatorial Growth Badge
Medium pts
Apokalyx » Reach character level 15
  RedSun Champion Badge
Medium pts
Apokalyx » Defeat Gunnar
  Waizer Waster Badge
Hard pts
Apokalyx » Defeat the gladiator champion

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