A history of game's versions, starting from v1129 , AND ENDING BY [ v1402 - ARCADE PRIZES ! ]. Some versions can be missing.

Version HistoryEdit

Post-Explosion versionEdit

[v1402 - Arcade Prizes!] Edit

  • Battle Arena
    • Bestiary now displays monster stats based on selected difficulty.
    • A few minor modifications have been made. So i probably don’t have to tell you which.
  • Arcade
    • Every day, you can get some extra Blue Coins by clicking the newly added yellow button (which should be fairly obvious).
  • Careers
    • Arcade Player: Max Level Reward now gives you 75 (was 50) Arcade Tokens per day.
  • Other Changes
    • Added rollover descriptions for most things in the game screen.
    • If you don’t have a Manual Ant Sprayer, you can click the “Spray” button to temporarily get rid of ONE ant for the cost of 1 Green Coin.
    • A few minor changes have been made.
  • FCG
    • FCG cash added.

[v1401 - Filler Update] Edit

  • Garden
    • Chance of finding seed for Another Garden is increased.
    • Chance of finding Randomfruit is increased by 20%.
  • Battle Arena
  • Cost to craft keys now increases each time you craft, and resets after each day.
  • Drop rate of Crafting Material is now 8% (old: 7%). Each Crafting Material loot gives 150 more Crafting Material than before.
  • A new boss monster has been added to Smiley Island. Has a 4% chance to appear, and only when Auto Fight is off.
  • Crafting fee for enhancers is decreased by approximately 25%.
  • You are no longer poisoned after death, and can no longer die from poison damage.

(Above patch was copied from Tukkun, the original author of this game, who posted on Kongregate Forum - List of Changes - Version: 1401 | May 27, 2011 .)

[v1536 - Spirit revamp?]Edit

Live version

  • Battle Arena
    • Added new spirit skills to the skill menu.

(Additional reference page of update v1401: Kongregate Forum: Complete Changelist - v1401 by Clamburger.)

[v1400 - Another Garden] Edit

  • Another Garden is now available. :D
    • Get to Another Garden from your Main Garden. You need to unlock all 25 plots in your main Garden first. D:
    • You cannot use seeds for main Garden in Another Garden. D:
    • You can randomly get seeds for Another Garden from trees in your main Garden.
    • When you harvest trees in Another Garden (And in the Home Garden), you can get Randomfruits. They can be eaten for EXP / Insta–Progress / Boosts or sold for Coins and Garden Points.
    • Another Garden currently maxes out at 10 plots.
  • A few quests have been added/changed.
  • A lot of minor balancing changes have been made.
    • Career EXP gain for “Gardener” and “Gem Trader” is slightly reduced.
    • Drop rate of Crafting Material is now 7% (old: 10%)
    • Progress Bar now gives slightly less EXP and Coins. Kongregate member advantages is reduced.
  • “The Explosion” events have ended.

[v1399 - Enchancement 6] Edit

  • Added 2 levels of enchancers (it's a blue-colored-enchancer).
  • Added a '+1'.

[v1398 - Bug Fixes]Edit

Some bugs fixed. The bug in which you get sometimes 1 career EXP is fixed.

[v1397 - Arcade Medals] Edit

  • Arcade
    • No wan to ge thoe madals to go wast? U ca clik thes /Shop/ buton.
  • Awesome Adventures
  • The grammar pill adventure now have some typos (After you take the grammar pill, your grammar improved by a WHOLE LOT! --> aftr u took teh grammer pill, ur grammer inproved by a HOLE LOT!!!).

[v1396 - New Skills] Edit

Added skills to the /Skill/ menu.

[v1395 - Free SP Reset] Edit

Added SP resetting.

[v1394 - More Daily Bonus] Edit

Daily bonus gives A screen, and it gives blue coins between 77, and some (1338?).

[v1393 - New Leaderboards] Edit

[v1392 - Hardcore] Edit

  • HC mode added. (If you have too small rewards). 

[v1391 - Elite Max Boost] Edit

[v1390 - Progress!] Edit

  • Battle Arena
    • You can now hold Space to distribute 5 SP per click.
  • Mini Garden
    • Mini Garden now displays the correct amount of planted trees.
  • Other Changes
    • You can now upgrade Idle Mode Speed to 125%, and Anti–Idle Mode Speed to 225%.
    • Boost Depletion Speed is increased by 1 per ant. Progress Bar speed makes up for it though.

[v1389 - Selling] Edit

  • Battle Arena
    • You can now sell crafted items, as well as looted enhancers for Pixels. Does not apply to previously obtained items.
    • Enhancers now have a background color. Red means it’s for weapons, green means it’s for armor.

[v1388 - Stadium] Edit

  • Stadium
    • You can no longer go over your Max Speed if your Accel is higher than your Max Speed.
    • Speed now takes 20% slower to decrease.
    • Item Fight: “Stun” now lasts 1.5 seconds (old: 2 seconds) for YOU, and 3.489 sec for opponents (and for Deathmatch, it's also.)
    • Item Fight / Death Match: “Speed Boost” now decreases friction for 3 seconds as well, allowing for a larger speed boost.
  • Careers
    • Career EXP gain for “Arcade Player”, “Racer” and “Card Player” is increased by about 100%.
  • Cards
    • Invincibility Stars: Now makes the button takes 8.33x longer to break instead of making it completely unbreakable. Reward multiplier is increased by 200% (old: 100%)
    • Stadium Pro: EXP gain in Stadium is increased by 30% (old: 10%)
    • TukkunFCG Power User: EXP gain in TukkunFCG is increased by 30% (old: 10%)
    • Demand Master: Now has a 60% (old: 100%) chance to change demand every 5 minutes.
  • Other Changes
    • Temp. Max Boosts now increases your current Boosts by 800% as well.

[v1387 - Auto Sort] Edit

  • You can now Auto-Sort.

[v1386 - Epic Fail] Edit

  • You can now regulate the "yoEpicFail" variable.
  • Many bugs fixed.

[v1385] Edit

  • Pong easier for 1 minute
  • Auto Loot activates with Auto Fight, looting for 0% value.

EDIT: Auto Loot is now restricted to H button.

[v1384] Edit

  • Few changes to balance game

[v1383] Edit

  • 4 new secret achievements

[v1382] Edit

  • New item bonus

[v1381] Edit

  • 'The Explosion' released.

[v1512] Edit


  • Some monsters have been weakened.
  • Poo poo.
  • Stuff.

[v1511] Edit


[v1509] Edit

Test version Edit

  • You can now upgrade Max. Boost and Min. Boost in the Feature Shop.
  • Stadium, TukkunFCG and LolMarket now give Blue Coins.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v1508] Edit

 ? Edit

  • Standby Mode. If you do nothing for 300 seconds, your level, EXP, Coins (THIS includes YOUR title.), boosts and Breaking News will be hidden to reduce lag. If you do nothing for 600 seconds, the entire thing will disappear (but you still progress fine in the Battle Arena). Standby Mode is only triggered if you turn Idle Mode on, and doesn’t work in the TukkunFCG.
  • You can now purchase Stadium Tokens with Green Coins.
  • Minor balancing.
  • Fixed description box bug.

[v1507] Edit

Test version Edit

  • Kill count and death count in Battle Arena are now tracked.
  • Epic License added to the Feature Shop.
  • Bug fixed: Crafting “undefined” weapon in Battle Arena.
  • Bug fixed: Crafted “Weapon Speed Rock” has wrong success rate.
  • Garden tree timer is now properly updated.

[v1506] Edit

[v1505] Edit


  • After ascending 100 times, you can choose to ascend faster.

[v1504] Edit

testing Edit

  • Bug fixed: Right click menu is a disabled-menu.
  • Bug fixed: Super Battery, Special Ant Sprayer, VIP Traveling Ticket don’t work.
  • Bug fixed: No “Purchased” tag after buying Adventure Reminder.
  • Bug fixed: Minimum boost not transferred to new version (doesn’t fix for older testers)
  • Reduced damage penalty for high level monsters.
  • Boost bars are now bigger (yes, i know about the visual bug, will i fix later)
  • Scrolling speed in Feature Shop and Mystery Shop improved.
  • Purchased features are now 50% transparent in the shop.
  • Defense now works properly.

[v1503] Edit


  • Bug fixed: Enemies deal NaN damage when they explode.


Test version Edit

Anti-Idle: The Game has been updated to version 1502! This version NOT introduces CRAFTING system in the Battle Arena, as well as a new enchancement system. Read more about this update and other ones here!

  • Bug fixed: Anniversary Hat is a shirt.
  • Bug fixed: No “Relic” given to old players.

Pre-Explosion versionEdit


  • The energy-refill bug is fixed


  • Decoration items are now back in the shop.


Part of preparation for “The Explosion” update.

  • You can no longer buy new decoration items, except pets.
  • All pets are now free.


Test version...

  • Maximum LolMarket capacity is now 70. Again, you can extend your LolMarket in the Features Shop, Pg. 2.
  • All level 9000 players now gain EXP half as fast so they can enjoy the game for longer (lol?). All level 9001 players now gain 0.01x EXP, just so the number won’t get too big (game is found to be broken when EXP number gets too high).


This version is only to end the 1.25x EXP event.


  • After pressing the “Back” button while playing TukkunFCG, you are no longer blocked from it.


  • The MMR Arcade game is now slightly easier.
    • Each “Miss” now reduces 5% of the life bar instead of 10%.
  • Players who clicked the button exactly 4232367 TOTAL times can no longer access the game


  • You can no longer attempt to enter Smiley Island while fighting a monster in Mystic Path.
  • Speed hacking has been patched. Finally.


  • Kongregate non-members Only: EXP and Coin gain from the Progress Bar increased by 5%.
  • Battle Arena monster balancing:
    • The Guardian: Accuracy raised from 500 to 64,000, EXP reduced from 10,000 to 9,000.
    • Chuck Norris: EXP reduced from 3,000,000 to 2,500,000.
    • THE MEGABOSS: EXP reduced from 4,000,000 to 3,000,000.
    • Fire Stone: Magic Attack reduced from 75,000 to 55,000.
    • Ice Stone: Magic Attack reduced from 50,000 to 45,000.
    • All monsters in –Infinity / Prehistoric Area now give double EXP.
  • Bug fixes
    • After accepting a random challenge in TukkunFCG, other opponents will no longer be stated as “Challenger” and will give the proper rewards.
    • “Poison” skill no longer works in the Defend Mission in 9001.


  • Speed hacking has been patched.


  • Added a new Mystery Box: “Explosion Crate”. You can buy these in the Features Shop, Pg. 2. These boxes cannot be opened yet.
  • Certain abilities no longer work if you deal negative damage (Dimensional Room). This includes Absorb, Mana Leech, Extra Combo, Autosteal, and a few more.


  • Nothing is better than home! Your boost now depletes slower when you view your House screen!


  • Bug fixes:
    • Battle Arena: Elemental bonuses on armor now work properly.
    • TukkunFCG: You should no longer get an 'undefined' card when you win against a level 1 opponent.
    • Arcade: Speed Bonus in Math Master now works properly. Scoring slightly raised.


  • New Mystery Box system.


  • TukkunFCG completely remade.
    • Interface changed.
    • Proper deck system. What you draw is what you put in your deck. You lose when you deck out.
    • Turns now last shorter after turn 10.
    • Added deck loading and PvP.
    • AI deproved.
    • “Damage Dealt” now affects your rewards.
    • A: TG EXP gained from the TukkunFCG has been increased by about 50~100%.
    • You can now reset your TukkunFCG stats.
    • When you level up in the TukkunFCG, you get some FCG Cash!
    • Added a log so it’s easier to know what’s going on.
    • A few cards have been changed/balanced.
    • Changed most Level 6 opponents.

NOTE: Random challenges are temporarily removed. They will be added back soon!


  • Added/Changed a few rings in the Battle Arena.
    • Ring of Defense: Dodge Chance +20% (old: 30%), Damage Resist 20% (old: 0%)
    • Ring of Mastery: Mastery +20%
    • Ring of Power: Damage +15%
    • Ring of Experience: EXP Gain +20%
    • Ring of Greed: Coin/Pixel Gain +20%
  • Changed Mastery system. Mastery is now based on the weapon type.
    • Stick: 15%
    • Dagger: 15%
    • Sword: 20%
    • Axe: 20%
    • Spear: 25%
    • Hammer: 25%
    • Bow: 30%
    • Crossbow: 30%
    • Gun: 35%
    • Wand: 40%
    • Claw: 35%
    • All other types: 5%
  • Damage Resist is now affected by your level, to make it possible to fight in the harder areas and to make it more challenging for lower level players. Players above level 1,600 will see an increase in defense.
  • A minor change to the skill system of the Battle Arena. This one is easily noticable, so I won’t explain it here.
  • Changed a few Battle Arena skills. For more details, see below.
    • Loot Steal
      • Power/Upgrade: 2 → 3
    • Godly Attack
      • Knockback: 6 → 5
    • No Knockback
      • MP Cost/Upgrade: 3 → 5
    • Critical Hit
      • MP Cost: 100 → 125
      • MP Cost/Upgrade: 1 → 2
      • Power/Upgrade: 3 → 5
      • Delay: 175 → 135
    • Revenge!!
      • MP Cost: 200 → 300
      • Power: 50 → 100
      • Revenge Power: 2000 → 3000
      • Revenge Power/Upgrade: 50 → 75
    • Poison
      • MP Cost: 150 → 200
      • Power/Upgrade: 2 → 5
      • Knockback: 5 → 2
    • Stun
      • MP Cost/Upgrade: 1 → 0
      • Delay: 300 → 275
    • Hamstring
      • Knockback: 6 → 12
      • Delay: 260 → 275
    • Blind Shot
      • Knockback: 6 → 12
      • Delay: 260 → 275
    • Shield Break
      • Knockback: 6 → 12
      • Delay: 260 → 275
    • Charged Shot
      • Power: 500 → 1100
      • Power/Upgrade: 5 → 10
      • Delay: 700 → 666
    • Rapidfire
      • MP Cost: 150 → 112
      • MP Cost/Upgrade: 1 → -1
      • Power/Upgrade: 3 → 6.7
    • Magic Bolt
      • MP Cost/Upgrade: 2 → -2
    • Superdrain
      • MP Cost/Upgrade: 0 → -3
      • Power/Upgrade: 2 → 4
    • Weaken
      • MP Cost/Upgrade: -25 → -50
    • Invincible
      • Delay: 84 → 82
    • Zeal
      • Damage increased by 33%
    • Accuracy Buff
      • Miss Chance: –50% → –20%


  • Defend Mission balancing:
    • Abilities in the Defend Mission are now nullified (except the “9001” ability, and you get 1 “Autosteal”). Bonuses are swapped with “Moar Coins!”.
    • Monster balancing:
      • All monsters in the Defend Mission give 1,250 EXP instead of 1,000.
      • Attacker Alien: Attack 7 → 3.5
      • Defender Alien: Attack 4 → 2
      • Healer Alien: Attack 6 → 3
      • Runner Alien: Attack 6 → 3
      • Enraged Alien: Attack 3 → 2
      • Evasive Alien: Attack 6 → 3
      • “DON’T ATTACK!!!” is now a boss monster.
  • Bug fixes:
    • A few minor display bugs fixed.


  • Added 3 new items to the Pixelated Mystery Box.
  • Added a new shop in the Battle Arena, which has its contents changed daily, and automatically!
  • Boss monsters can no longer be poisoned.
  • Item color in the Battle Arena is now based on power compared to starting power instead of amount of times enhanced. (OMG, that sounds hard to understand!)
  • Changed some of the text fonts for readability.
  • Bug fixes:
    • A few typos fixed.


  • 2 new quests.
  • Added 1 new Battle Arena area.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Hopefully fixed NaN Pixel bug.
    • Time Pieces now drop from monsters properly.


  • Added stat screen.
  • Added a number to indicate Weapon Energy remaining on the Weapon Energy bar.
  • Added new stat: Mastery. Say hi to less random damage. Higher Mastery means higher minimum damage! Mastery is 30% for you, and 80% for monsters.
  • Increased the effect of a few skills.
    • Blind Shot: –15% monster’s Accuracy (old: –10%)
    • Shield Break: –15% monster’s Defense (old: –10%)
  • Added new bonuses and abilities in the Battle Arena.
    • (Bonus) Combo Reward: Reward increased based on your Combo.
    • (Ability) Autosteal: Gain Coins and Pixels based on damage dealt.
    • (Ability) Health UP: Maximum HP +10%
    • (Ability) Mana UP: Maximum MP +10%
    • Ability) Damage UP: Damage Dealt +10%
    • (Ability) Mastery UP: Mastery +10%
    • (Ability) Ignore Defense: Ignore 10% of enemy’s defense.
    • (Ability) Poison Resist: Reduce Poison duration.
    • (Ability) Silence Resist: Reduce Silence duration.
    • (Ability) Weaken Resist: Reduce Weaken duration.
    • (Ability) Silence: 5% chance to cast Silence.
    • (Ability) Weaken: 5% chance to cast Weaken.
    • (Ability) Shield Break: 5% chance to cast Shield Break.
    • (Ability) Blind: 5% chance to cast Blind.
    • (Ability) Slow: 5% chance to cast Slow.
  • Modified a few bonuses.
    • (Bonus) Rampage: When HP is below maximum, Critical +5%. +1% more Critical chance per 2% HP lost.
    • (Bonus) Mega Rampage: When HP is below maximum, Mega Critical +2%. +1% more Mega Critical chance per 5% HP lost.
  • Element bonuses can now be applied to armor to resist 25% damage of that element.
  • Removed Invincibility / Weaken / Silence / Poison timer.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Health Ring and Mana Ring now function properly in the Epic Pyramid Battle.
  • Other stuff:
    • Added a You–only feature to remind you to complete data refund requests. Until done, EXP gain is reduced by 50%.




  • Removed equipment drops from normal monsters.
  • All monsters above level 4,000 are now red–named regardless of your level. All monsters above level 2,500 are now white–named.
  • Added some new items to the Pixel Shop. Removed pre–enhanced items.
  • Most ranged weapons now have 30 additional attack (new ones only, previously purchased ones remain the same)
  • Changed Hard Mode and Impossible Mode in the Battle Arena.
    • Hard Mode
      • Monster Level: 1.2x → 1.3x
    • Impossible Mode
      • Monster Level: 1.4x → 1.7x
  • Battle Arena monster balancing:
  • Tridle
      • Speed: 30 → 0
  • Increased cost of potions to 5 Pixels per 100 HP or MP.
  • Doubled the price of most items in the Pixel Shop.
  • Stat growth rate in the Battle Arena (upon leveling up, except Accuracy and Evasion) doubled. Pixel cost to improve stats raised by 1.2×.
  • Added Invincibility/Weaken/Silence/Poison timer.
  • Auto Potion is changed to use potions automatically when HP or MP is below 50%. Works 5 times faster than before.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Mega Invicible / Extra Combo abilities can now be obtained.
    • New “enhance” items now show correct percentage when moved.
    • Stun ability no longer affects ranged attacks.
    • Text in Stadium is now readable in LOW quality.


  • 1 new quest.
  • Enchancement Machine removed.
  • Added items to enchance equipments / give bonuses. Can be found in the shop and from enemies.
  • Added 1 new item to the Secret Shop.
  • Added Double Drop timer.
  • Bug fixes:
    • You can now sell/move items while attacking.


  • Roundhouse Kick skill in Battle Arena now has its damage reduced if you are weakened or in the Prehistoric Mission.
  • Battle Arena monster balancing:
    • Robo Spirit
      • DEF: 160000 → 90000
      • Rampage: Evasion x2 → Defense x2
    • Arena Mob 12
      • ATK: 15000 → 20000
      • Magic ATK: 9000 → 14000
    • Anti–Snail
      • HP: 2000000 → 6000000
      • EXP: 7000 → 6000
    • Powerful Snail
      • HP: 2000000 → 6000000
      • ATK: 40000 → 126378
    • Power Stone
      • EXP: 50000 → 100000
      • Coin: 50000 → 100000
    • Elite Crab
      • HP: 15000000 → 34579484 (for guests it's 3.98389% less)
      • ATK: 20000 → 49372 (for guests, to make it an easier enemy, it's lower by 362.)
    • Final Alien
      • HP: 20000000 → 112352526 (for guests it's 3.98327% less.)
      • ATK: 20000 → 37980
      • EXP: 300000 → 355798
  • Certain exploits fixed. Dying in the Power Room of the Prehistoric Mission now takes you to the Safe Zone.


  • Added 12 more inventory slots in the Battle Arena.
  • Battle Arena monster balancing:
    • Power Stone
      • EXP: 250000 → 50000
      • Coin: 150000 → 50000
  • Bug fixes:
    • It’s now possible to read text in LolMarket in LOW graphic quality.
  • Other stuff:
    • Data refund packages now come with +10% EXP compensation.


  • MMR game in the Arcade has been improved
    • The options are stored in your savefile now.
    • Added 1 new song. You probably know what it is though.
    • Added “World Record” for each song, which… doesn’t update automatically.
    • Formula for scoring in Fever Mode changed.
  • Arcade highscores are now submitted at the end of the game only!


  • VIP Shop system has been changed.
    • All of your spent Red Coins will be refunded after every 999 minutes of playing.
    • Changed most of the non–permanent items.
    • Cost of “Title Editor” raised to 7,000 Red Coins.


  • Refunded 1,500,000 Coins for people who purchased the Daily Quest feature.
  • Changed the stats of a few Battle Arena monsters (The Guardian, monsters in Dragon Cave)
    • Fire Dragon
      • ATK: 8000 → 12000
    • Frost Dragon
      • ATK: 8000 → 12000
    • Nature Dragon
      • ATK: 8000 → 12000
    • Bloodsurfer
      • ATK: 15000 → 20000
      • Magic ATK: 9000 → 14000
    • The Guardian
      • ATK: 5000 → 40000
      • EVA: 4000 → 64000
      • Magic ATK: 40000 → 600000
  • Adjusted some items in the VIP Shop.
  • Completing the Defend Mission no longer resets the timer. You have to manually reenter.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Random Deck in TukkunFCG is no longer turned on by default.


  • Added a button to show/hide completed quests. Button to show completed quests only may or may not be coming soon.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Daily Quest removed from Shop and World Map.
    • High score for Daily Quest changed to be compatible with the new quest system.


  • Removed Daily Quest feature.
  • Added a new quest feature. Newbie Tasks are moved here as well.
  • fixed bugz
    • False starting HP in TukkunFCG bug fixed.
    • QWERTZ keyboard layout now works properly.


  • “Gambler” ability in Battle Arena now randomizes your reward between 105% and 210%.
  • Added an error code when weird Garden timer bug happens, so it’s easier to test stuff.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Trees should no longer “give” NaN Coins. (partial fix, bug unconfirmed)


  • Raised the cost to expand Garden.
  • Double Coins no longer affects the Garden.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Save slot #3 can now be accessed.
    • Boost bars now provide information when clicked.
    • Garden tree timer should now work properly.


  • Interface Change:
    • Changed the “location” of a few things.
    • You can now view game options, stats and achievements WHILE using another feature!
    • Pause screen removed, as going to the main menu has the exact same effect.
  • Quality and keyboard layout can now be changed in the Options screen, and apply to all savefiles.
    • Added mute button.
    • You can no longer hide the Breaking News and the boost bars. I’m pretty lazy to add those options back right now.
  • Garden Big Update:
    • You can FINALLY plant multiple trees! Up to 5 trees, to be exact.
    • To unlock more slots in the Garden, you have to pay Coins.
    • Just to celebrate, if you play after this update, you will get the 2nd slot for FREE! This is a limited time offer.
    • Changed tree planting concept a little bit.
    • Awesome Adventures, Mini Garden and Mystery Trees have been changed to be compatible with this change.
    • Functional Tree removed.
  • Sudden changes in system clock (which may be caused by abuse, or laptop closing / hibernate mode) no longer erase your trees, but will change your trees accordingly.
  • Balancing:
    • Boost Generator: Boost cost increased if your level is higher than 500.
    • Button Machine: Coin gain reduced by 25%.
    • Money Printer: Formula changed. Money printed increased at lower Money Printer levels.
    • Stadium: Resetting abilities no longer costs 100,000 Coins.
  • Graphic changes:
    • Added a few glow effects if played on BEST quailty.
    • Added yellow glow to the Progress Bar, which appears when the bar is full.
    • Added yellow glow to the level star, which appears when you level up.
    • All bars are now rectangle–shaped.
    • Changed the font to “Calibri” in the bars and the Breaking News so more text can be displayed.
  • Required EXP to reach max level increased.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug in which the Invincible, Magic Heal, Zeal, etc. skills in the Battle Arena allow you to attack monsters.
    • You now lose 2 Green Coins if you charge the battery when it’s full.
    • Mystery Tree adventure no longer gives a Mystery Tree if you don’t have an existing tree.
    • A Breaking News message now appears when you purchase Mystery Shop items.
    • Preloader is changed to load the game in a different way to reduce chance of crashing.


  • Fixed a bug which caused time limited items to last permanently when moved, and normal items to expire for no reason.
  • In-game menu: "Souvenirs"


  • Battle Arena rebalancing: MaxMP reduced by 80%, some skills cost less MP.
  • You can click anywhere to close popups now.


  • New achievements are now indicated by a star.


  • Awesome Adventures improves


  • You can now check EXP gained today and yesterday in the Stat screen!
  • All Newbie Tasks now give some Green Coins when done.
  • Reduced level requirement of Boost Generator to 6.
  • Newbie Help now works intentionally.
  • Weapons have a 0.5% chance to get Elemental Bonus with the Enhancement Machine.
  • Halloween Surprise – part 1 (Event weapon and armor)


  • Arcade: A new game added.


  • Awesome Adventures: Adventure Shop, 8 new adventures.
  • A few bugs fixed.


  • Garden improvement.
  • First levels changed to be a little bit more newbie–friendly.


  • Bestiary improvement
  • A few bugs fixed.


  • You can now track progress of 1 achievement from anywhere.
  • Battle Arena: Minor balancing.
  • LolMarket: Demand is no longer reduced by 5% every time prices change.


The biggest update ever (at least as is wrote in game). Anti Idle Third.

  • Perfomance Improvement: Much less lag.
  • New Achievement System: Red Coin rewards. Tracks progress without any lag.
  • Shop separated from House to reduce lag. Mystery Shop, Bonus Shop and VIP Shop moved there as well.
  • A few shop items changed.
  • New Feature:Awesome Adventures!
  • Newbie Help: 10 small tasks for newbies so they know what they are supposed to do!
  • Money Printer:If you view the Money Printer screen, amount of printed money is doubled.
  • Mystery Shop:New items avaible.Changed the system to work differently.
  • Arcade: The Whack-a-greg (WaG) game is now avaible. More stats in the Game Over screen.
  • Battle Arena Changes:
    • Monster database remade. Includes ranged attacks for enemies.
    • Elite Rage skills. You can use them when the red bar is full.
    • Potions are now treated like skills, and have a delay of 75.
    • New areas: Prehistoric Area ( + very difficult mission), Volcano Peak, Frosty Zone.
    • Enhancement item feature cannot be used until you have played for 5 minutes during session.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Monster now can evade attacks
  • Things removed:
    • "Unlockables," "Version Bonus," etc.


  • LolMarket max prices raised.


  • Performance Improvement.
  • Fixed bug in which if you feed the zebra after 100 feeds, you lose 300% Max Boost.


  • Battle Arena:Potions can no longer recover more than 50,000 HP at once. Enemy no longer uses Roundhouse Kick skill if you have 1 HP remaining.
  • Battle Arena:You now lose some Pixels upon death.


  • Battle Arena: Shift + K + Click to sell items now only applies with items that are enhanced at least 3 times.
  • Battle Arena:Two new areas!


  • Using Manual Ant Sprayer costs 1 GC when only 5 ants are there


  • Using Manual Ant Sprayer costs 1 GC



  • Battle Arena: Monsters no longer drop equipments in Easy mode.
  • Giant Mushouse and Giant Mushroom are now bosses.
  • If the effect of Revenge Ring is triggered, boss monsters become non-bosses.
  • Added Revenge Mode: If a monster kills you, kill it in the same day to get some rings back. Remember: the same day! Does not apply with Protection Ring or if enemy explodes.



  • Battle Arena: Some equipments now can be auto-looted.
  • A few bugs fixed.

[v1326b] Edit

  • Idle Mode for new players fixed.

[v1326a] Edit


  • Battle Arena: New Inventory system


  • Raised the cost of few items.
  • Nerfed a few bonuses (Accuracy, Rampage, Mega Rampage, Stun)
  • Damage formula changed.
  • Randomize Bonuses now has a 20% chance of completely removing all bonuses.



  • Battle Arena: New Inventory system


  • You can now unequip items by clicking on them once they are equipped.
  • Enchancement system improved.


  • Major perfomance improvement related to claiming rewards with mouse movement.


  • Time Machine now works properly.
  • Auto Fight now works properly.


  • You can now select which Breaking News to see.
  • New user tutorial improved.
  • The bug in which this: Money Printer starting level = 0 is fixed.


  • Button Machine: Mastery system, changes in rewards.


  • Boost bonus for leveling up changed.




  • Battle Arena: Auto Heal for HP removed.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Battle Arena: New Arena area: 9001!

Can be accessed from tha Time Hole,... recommended level is 700+.

New MonstersEdit

  • 40 new monsters are available.
  • Monsters can be damaged by using a special wand, which is free and automatically equipped.

New MissionEdit

  • Survive for 7 minutes in the special new area for an Entry Pass an +1 to mission count!
  • Entry Pass can be used to enter a bonus area.

Bonus AreaEdit

  • Almost underwater. Don't stay there for longer than 10.32786 minutes.
  • Monsters have a 100% chance to drop a skill book.
  • Monster don't move and don't explode.

Other ImprovementsEdit

  • Battle Arena: You can press Space or M to view mission progress.
  • Fixed a few bugs. Lag slightly reduced.


  • Minor Arena bug fixes.


  • Battle Arena: 24 new skills to unlock.
  • Battle Arena: Most monsters have stats changed.


  • Scoring issue in Math Master fixed.


  • Rings now drop from monsters once again.


  • 7 new buff types


Skill SystemEdit

  • A few skill upgrades now raise instead of decrease mp cost.
  • 3 New skills available they arn't bad, really. You can find them as monster drops (100x drop rate for first day)
  • Buffs are now treated like skills they cost PIXELS to use, and take up 1 skill slot.
  • Skill slots. You can select 10 out of 18 skills to put in your skill slots (ASDFG, ZXCVB). That means 8 of the skills cannot be used unless you equip them but you have to unequip some others also, do you really use 18 skills? i think not. So 10 is enough saves space, energy and still not completly useless.

Cost ChangesEdit

  • Hp and mp potions now cost pixels. 1 pixel for 100 hp or 100 mp.


  • Value of item drops in the battle arena has been raised
  • As you have to consume pixels regularly for potions and buffs pixel gain from monsters has been raised.


  • Duplicated rings now turn into 2000 pixels. Raised the rarity of a few rings.
  • New accuracy and evasion concept.


  • Mission enemies no longer appear everywhere.
  • Stadium can now be purchased.


  • August Fools
  • Monthly Sale Event.


  • Nothing changed


  • Bug fixes: The bug in which you cannot DAFUQ?, is fixed.


  • Interface updates:
  • FCG updates.
    • Added new Level 5 and Level 6 enemies.
    • Added two new cards: Anti-Freeze and Cure.
    • Energy cost of Stat Wipeout raised by 1.
  • Pixel gain in Battle Arena raised (+33% +5 more)
  • Most weapons in the Arena now have special abilites. (+EXP, +Coins, Rampage, Absorb, etc.)
  • Added a new ring type in the Arena. This one cannot be looted, but it can be purchased for 7,000 Pixels. Still, it disappears after you die.
  • Knockback rate reduced when a monster hits you.
  • Added a new ranged weapon. To those who bought the gun for 350,000 Pixels just recently, it's time to RAGE!!!

This change has been designed to slightly reduce grinding and make some weak weapons worth buying. Also, this should make it a little easier for newbies to play in the ARena now. Yay for less grinding!


  • Improved Bestiary. Modified a few bonuses.
  • Pixel gained from monsters is now based on the name color. Yellow-named enemies give less Pixels (less than before, yes), but red and purple ones give more.


  • Battle Arena – Added a new monster type: ZOMBIES! Indicated by a pink HP bar.
  • The skill Magic Heal now restores more HP of both you and the monster. But if you use Heal on a zombie monster, it loses HP. Well, obviously.


  • New missions in the Battle Arena.


  • Progress Bar – You now gain 3 Green Coins for every reward claim without Idle Mode.
  • Progress Bar – You now gain 15 more Coins per reward.
  • Boost Generator – Cost of boosts reduced by 60% until you reach level 100, and 30% until you reach level 200.
  • Battle Arena – A few yellow-named monsters should now be white-named.
  • Daily Quest – Green Coin gain after completing a quest raised.
  • Milestone levels now give way more Green Coins.


  • Button Machine – Reward is now affected by Progress Boost as well.


  • Added QWERTZ support for Battle Arena.
  • Mouse controls for Arena are now easier.


  • New Battle Arena area.
  • A few secret changes.


  • More facts added to the ‘Did you know?’ item. Including secrets. It now generates less lag too!


  • Fixed right click in the preloader bug.
  • Until you reach level 100, ants eats less boost when you are offline.
  • Fixed a bug in which enemies give weird rewards if they killed before they appear.


  • Fixed bug in which Garden only gives 10% of what you are supposed to get.
  • Fixed Stadium difficulty bug.
  • Fixed Pyramid Battle.
  • Minor balancing.

[v1288] [2]Edit

  • Progress Bar – EXP gain raised by 35%.
  • Progress Bar – Reward types changed to 100%/100%, 125%/50% and 150%/0%.
  • Garden – You now gain EXP when you harvest trees as well!
  • Garden – Trees now cost GC to plant, and are no longer sold in the main shop. You buy them * in the Garden now.
  • Battle Arena – Auto Fight’s knockback reduced by 1.
  • Battle Arena – EXP item drop now gives more EXP. The opposite for Coin drop.
  • Battle Arena – Auto Loot no longer loots rings and powerups. Loot value reduced to 20%.
  • Battle Arena – Pyramid area no longer requires Epic License. But you need 1 Mission Point to enter each time.
  • Battle Arena – In return, monsters in the Pyramid give 2.5 times as much EXP now.
  • Button Machine – Rewards have been raised by 50%.
  • Mystery Shop – Cost of a few items changed. Now sells attack power too!
  • Stadium – EXP gain is now raised as you level up.
  • Stadium – Difficulty changing is now more convenient.
  • LolMarket – Starting amount of max gem slots reduced to 10 (NEW ACCOUNTS ONLY!).
  • LolMarket – Cost of demand control no longer raises as you have more gem slots.
  • VIP Shop – Now requires level 200 to enter.
  • Minigarden now works as soon as you purchase it.
  • Necronomnomnomnomiconquerer is now possible.
  • Planting trees: now easier than ever


  • Reduced Idle Mode and Anti-Idle Mode upgrade cost to 500 Green Coins.
  • Reduced Battle Arena EXP gain by 10%.
  • Potions in the Battle Arena now fully recover your HP/MP (manual potions only!)


  • Special Bonus system fixed.


  • Added auto-loot.
  • Increased the drop rate of time pieces.


  • Added new item drop in the Battle Arena: PERMANENT POWERUPS! Kill bosses, then collect the loot for either 2 Attack, 2 Defense, 20 MaxHP or 10 MaxMP!
  • Max Attack and Defense raised to 60,000 (cannot buy after 50,000).
  • Max HP and MP raised to 600,000 (cannot buy after 500,000).


  • Reduced the cost of potions by 1,500.
  • Reduced the attack of some monsters before the Pirate Ship.
  • Raised the EXP of most monsters.
  • Fixed Grinning Colossus bug.
  • Reduced Battle Arena difficulty.


  • All monsters have been changed.
  • Damage formula changed.
  • Some monsters now have purple name. They are bosses!
  • Defense is now more useful.
  • Time Machine added. You can fight the missing monsters now!


  • ?????? ??????
  • Added a new currency, the ??? point, it goes up with 69198279832749 / 1.593893479 minutes.
  • ??? ? ??? ??????? ??? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?? ???? 69198279832749 / 1.593893479 ??????.
  • All ??? points were used for:
  • ?? ??? ????? ???? ??? ???:
  • ??? tree
  • ??? ???
  • Light-Purple Epic Awesome ??? tree,
  • ????-????? ???? ??????? ??? ????,
  • Epic ??? tree
  • ??? ??? ???
  • LOL tree
  • LOL ???
  • 48 Mystery Points
  • 48 ?????? ?????
  • Update
  • ??????
  • Max Level +1 (Capped at 9000000001).
  • ??? ????? +1 (?????? ? 9000000001).
  • 49518980789 ATT


  • 49518980789 ATT
  • A new updateing (BaD GrammaR)
  • ? ??? ??????? (???? ????????)
  • tlod Battle!
  • tlod ?????!
  •  Coin Capz (BaD Rgamarr) +666666666
  • ???? ??? (???? ???????) + 666666666
  • FG set -900000000000000000001
  • FG ?? -900000000000000000001
  • FV AMMS  JFJIIDKIK Sert (Bad grammer) (Is that how to type it?)
  • FV AMMS JFJIIDKIK ??? (???? ???????) (?????????????????)
  • Insta-teleport to AI9


  • Fixed an exploit related to an item in the VIP shop.


  • Boost bug should be FIXED FOR REAL NOW. You will have your old boosts back. You still have to repurchase minimum boosts though.


  • Fixed boost bug. If your max boost is gone, please contact for refund.


  • You no longer get 1% Max Boost when buying Temp. Max Boosts. Sorry.


  • Reduced the price of things in the Bonus Shop.
  • LolMarket is now real time (and faster).
  • Reduced boost loss speed by 0.01%/sec.


  • Prices in the LolMarket now range from 1000 ~ 3000.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Re-added logs.


  • Reduced boost loss speed. Also, ants take longer to come back now once sprayed.


  • New boost system.


  • Fixed Progress Bar stuck at 99% bug.
  • A few secret changes. Seriously.


  • Fixed a few bugs related to the shop.


  • Fixed a bug in which it shows you have 999 million coins but you have none.


  • Monsters in Battle Arena are now 25% slower.


  • Another EPIC FAIL ATTEMPT at fixing NaN bug and lag


  • The price of Mission Forfeit is now correct. Sorry, everyone.


  • Missions are now a bit easier, due to popular demand.
  • Fixed the bug in which Enraged Bomb has 38.000 attack instead of 3.800.


  • MISSIONS! Go to the Safezone, NOW!


  • A few secret changes.


  • Nothing, really!


  • Temporarly removed the logs for security reasons. PLEASE, tell me if any of you stats is wiped out AFTER THIS UPDATE PLEASE!!!


  • There is now delay between Market Control purchases! MWAHAHAHAHA!


  • Added two new buttons, to check the newest game comments, as kongregate way to display comments is now different. Now u can see the newest coments in one click. Also a button to go directly to the game forum Thread.


  • New world map, comes with day/night system! Comes with a new pet and new secret achievment.
  • Quests are harder, but give better rewards.
  • Raised Green Coins gained from Trees and Quests.
  • Lowered minimun demand from LOLMarket


A few changes to Green Coins and Lolmarket. Don’t worry, Green Coins are much easier to get now.


  • Sell price in Lolmarket is now 96% (old: 94%).
  • If your Lolmarket profit is lower than 0 without any gems purchased, it will now be 0!


NaN bug fixed.


Anti-Lag mode removed.


Secret Achievment Tittle Changer bug fixed.


Welcome Back bug fixed.


The 'Unlocked Features' dropdown menu is replaced with the 'World' one.


Some bugs fixed.


Player starting level = 0 bug fixed.


A few LolMarket bug fixes.


Added LolMarket, where you can buy and sell valuable gems!


  • Added a new Log system.
  • Fixed achievement count bug.
  • Fixed Super Knockback upgrade bug.


Reduced cost of Attack and Defense in Pixel Shop. MaxHP and MaxMP now comes in package of 50 points.


A few changes with the Mystery Shop, and data refund system.


A few upgrades in the Battle Arena changed.


Bug fixes.


Got rid of memory leak. A few minor changes, including a new Battle Arena item drop.


  • A few Battle Arena changes, including:
    • Combo Strike’s knockback is now 12 (old: 5)
    • Super Knockback’s power is now 250 (old: 150)
    • You can no longer knockback a monster at a 100% chance. Chance depends on your damage.
    • There is now a small chance to deal no damage on a monster.
    • On a bright side, monsters give 50% more EXP now!


  • A few changes, including:
    • Progress Bar speed changed.
      • 0~5,000 rewards: 19 speed (old: 24)
      • 5,001~50,000 rewards: 17 speed (old: 20)
      • 50,001~500,000 rewards: 15 speed (old: 16)
      • 500,001+ rewards: 13 speed (old: 12)
    • Raised the cost and required level of most features. I apologize.


  • A lot of changes, including:
    • Progress Bar speed is now based on the amount of rewards you’ve claimed.
      • 0~5,000 rewards: 24 speed (old: 22)
      • 5,001~50,000 rewards: 20 speed (old: 15)
      • 50,001~500,000 rewards: 16 speed (old: 15)
      • 500,001+ rewards: 12 speed (old: 15)
    • Changed looting method in Battle Arena.
    • Coin gain from killing monsters reduced by 70%.
    • You must now roll over the coins in the Battle Arena to pick up them. Autoloot is no longer available, or at least, as of now.
    • You can no longer request a data refund without logging in.


April Fools update.


Even less lag.


Less lag. New pet system. Mind Sweeper improvements.


  • A few changes made to the Battle Arena, including:
    • Rings can be found from monsters. Please note that they disappear when you get killed.
    • There is now a chance to dodge monsters and a chance to deal MEGA Critical Damage.
    • Damage dealt to enemies reduced by 20%.


Reduced the price of Insta–EXP and Insta–Progress. A few more changes.


Raised the price of Insta–Progress.

[v1199] Edit

Fixed autosave problem. A few minor changes.


A lot of changes for the better.


(I forgot what I changed as well.)


Bonuses are now a little more expensive, but Green Coins are now easier to get. Lv6 and Lv7 bestiary bonuses added.


(I forgot what I changed.)


Free boost events now happen a little more often.


Minimum amount of ants limited to 5.


Added Ant Sprayer upgrade. Temp. Max Boosts now last longer.


Mystery Point rate raised.


Progress Bar is now faster. Bonus prices reduced. Bugs fixed.


Bugs fixed.


Bonus Shop added.


Bugs fixed.


Bugs fixed.


  • A lot of changes, including:
    • The game is now way less laggy!
    • Maximum Coins raised.
    • The preloader screen has been changed.
    • User interface changed.
    • You can now hide stuff you don’t want to see to reduce lag.
    • Drop–down list to access features removed. You now access all features from one screen.
    • Bonus Bar and Bonus Boost removed. (Is this a sign of a new feature coming soon? Hmm…)
    • Boosts now last longer.
    • Boost Generator now looks different.
    • Added 1000% and 1100% boosts.
    • Added stats for amount of Coins printed, amount of pets killed, battery power charged and total arcade scores.
    • Added new achievements. Changed the way achievements are tracked.
    • New user tutorial removed. It’s pretty obvious.
    • You can now select your title’s color!
    • ‘Breaking News’ now generate less lag.
    • Avatar screen changed. There are now separate buttons to move items or quickly change them.
    • There are now 6 quick item slots instead of 3.
    • You can now change what the progress bar gives.
    • Changed the purpose of ‘EPIC License’. It’s now a requirement to gain access to Page 3 of Features shop, and to plant EPIC trees.
    • You can now sell items! What can be better?
    • Fixed a few minor bugs.
    • Many more changes that I can’t even remember I did that.


A little less lag.


Fixed new Arcade game, again.


Fixed new Arcade game.


New Arcade game.


Uh, I forgot what I changed.


Fixed Combo Absorb with ranged weapon not displaying amount of HP earned. Combo Absorb now absorbs less health, but it now absorbs mana as well!


Added Super Battery.


Money Printer now uses battery. It’s good if you know what you’re doing.


  • Features rebalanced:
    • Because of the lack of features in Anti–Lag Mode, claiming rewards in Anti–Lag Mode now gives more EXP and Coins.
    • As Anti–Idle Mode upgrades are now available, claiming rewards with Idle Mode now give the same amount of EXP.
    • Battle Arena: Auto Attack’s delay is now 350 (old: 260).
    • Battle Arena: Auto Attack’s knockback is now 5 (old: 4)
    • Battle Arena: EXP gain from white–named and red–named monsters has been reduced to 60% (old: 70%)
    • Battle Arena: Encounter delay reduced by 1 second.
    • Battle Arena: ‘Scary Graveyard’ area no longer contains monsters you haven’t killed.
    • Button Machine: Clicking the button now gives EXP and Coins based on your current level.
    • Money Printer: You can upgrade the printer every 20 levels instead of 10. Upgrade cost stays the same.
    • Arcade – Pong: Hitting the ball now gives 4× EXP (old: 1.8×).
    • Arcade – Pong: Scoring a goal now gives 6× EXP (old: 2.1×).
    • Arcade – Pong: Game Over rewards raised to 80× EXP (old: 40×) and 120× Coins (old: 60×).
    • Arcade – Avoidance: Avoiding red object #1 now gives 3× EXP (old: 1.5×).
    • Arcade – Avoidance: Avoiding red object #2 now gives 4× EXP (old: 3×).
    • Arcade – Avoidance: Game Over rewards raised to 120× EXP (old: 64×) and 180× Coins (old: 96×).
    • Arcade – Math: Game Over rewards raised to 15× EXP (old: 9×) and 21× Coins (old: 16×).
    • Bonus Bar: Mystery Set bonus now has a 50% chance to happen (old: 20%).


Maximum FPS reduced to 50.


  • A lot of Arena changes, including:
    • Auto Attack’s delay is now 260 + 0 (old: 160 + 140). Please note that Auto Attack can only be triggered when Stamina is at maximum.
    • Auto Attack’s knockback is now 4 (old: 5).
    • Auto Attack’s MP cost is now 0 (old: 10).
    • Auto Heal added to Auto Attack.
    • Basic Attack’s MP cost is now 0 (old: 10).
    • Basic Attack’s knockback is now 5 (old: 6).
    • Quick Attack’s MP cost is now 25 (old: 30).
    • Quick Attack’s power is now 100 (old: 90).
    • Quick Attack’s knockback is now 2.5 (old: 3).
    • Quick Attack’s delay is now 80 (old: 90).
    • Power Attack’s delay is now 220 (old: 200).


Raised damage by another 15%. NaN damage bug fixed.


Stamina now recharges faster.


  • A few Battle Arena changes, including:
    • Hits that deal 1 damage no longer add to combo.
    • Critical hits now add 2 to combo.
    • Stamina system added.


‘Ultimate Avoidance’ is now real time.


Blank update much?


Fixed issue with missing Battle Arena monster (9th monster in page 3)


Monsters in the Arena now give items like intended.


  • A few changes, including:
    • Improved ‘Breaking News’.
    • Money Printer now prints money based on your level.
    • Bugs fixed.
    • Skipping in ‘Math Master’ no longer ruins your Speed Bonus.


Many new Arena areas.


1 small typo fixed.


Bestiary improved.


Bestiary added.


Changed EXP formula for Battle Arena.


A few changes*, including:

    • More EXP from the Progress Bar.
    • Less Coins from the Progress Bar.
    • Because of the tutorial part being overpowered, the first 5 rewards you claim now give less EXP.
    • Quest rebalancing.
    • Random events now give EXP and Coins based on your current level.


Bonus Bar is now slightly slower. It’s now easier to cast buffs in the Battle Arena.


A few minor changes. Maximum FPS reduced to 60, that’s not lag issues.


Added more save files, so you won’t complain about your little brother ruining your data.


A few minor changes and bug fixes.


A few minor changes.


Fixed the problem with quests.


A little less lag.


A few minor changes.


More and better item drops from monsters.


Added an option to come back to the survey later. Still, you aren’t allowed to change your mind after voting.


Monsters in the Battle Arena now give away potions and buffs.


  • A few changes, including:
    • The Battle Arena now generates less lag.
    • You can now disable Achievement Tracking in the Pause screen or in the Anti-Lag screen as well!


  • A few changes, including:
    • Added an option to disable Achievement Tracking. This reduces lag!
    • New Achievement Bonus system, and please note that the old system is not gone.
    • The chance of dealing 1 damage in the Battle Arena has been reduced. New users can now easily fight in the Training Zone.
    • For those people with ultimate machines, maximum FPS is now 60!


  • A few changes, including:
    • Added maximum attack speed, so fast attacks will no longer miss enemies.
    • Lag reduced by a little.
    • Tree security system slightly improved.


Battle Arena is no longer real time.


Blank update.


  • A few changes, including:
    • Fixed a small bug.
    • Defense is now capped at 25,000 (old: 15,000).
    • Fixed a typo.
    • Buffs now last for 5 minutes (old: 3)


  • A few changes, including:
    • The Arena is now real time, and not affected by lag.
    • Buffs are added to the Battle Arena. Note that they may be changed in the future.
    • You can no longer press Y to fight, as it is now a buff button. Sorry QWERTZ users.


  • A few changes, including:
    • Red Tree showing the false image bug has been fixed. Please note that old trees will remain pink.
    • For the new users who easily get impatient, your Progress Bar now moves up 1.5 times faster until you claim 5000 rewards!


New Arena area is now available!


New Garden trees!


A few minor changes with the Garden and the % Progress bonuses. Anti–Lag mode fixed.


The Progress Bar is now 4 times slower and gives 6 times as much rewards, compared to version 1112. Trophy Set now gives 20% Progress per level instead of 30%.


Nevermind, forget this update.


  • A few changes, including:
    • Progress Bar is now twice as fast, but gives 55% less rewards.
    • The Button Machine now gives out Bonus Boost like intended.


  • A few changes, including:
    • Celebration Tree #4 is now available! 10 harvests instead of 1!
    • All items are now on sale! 25% cheaper for a limited time only!
    • Auto Fight’s power is now 100 (old: 35)
    • Auto Fight’s knockback is now 5 (old: 6)
    • Auto Fight’s delay is now 160 + 120 (old: 120 + 118)
    • Super Boosts now cost 1200 Mystery Points (old: 1400)!
    • Added a new option for the ‘Version Up Survey’.


  • A few changes, including:
    • Super Boosts have been changed to give +250% All Boosts including Bonus Boost instead of +500% All Boosts excluding Bonus Boost. Price reduced to 1400 Mystery Points.
    • Fixed some minor typos.
    • Stadium stats are now capped at 120 instead of 99.


‘Version Up Survey’ is now better.


‘Version Up Survey’ is now better.


‘Version Up Survey’ has been added. Please note that you will NOT get killed or have your data erased for doing this survey. This is to share your opinion, nothing else.



  1. Version appears in-game and in highscores, though actually there is no information about changes
  2. Most from Tukkun's thread, some from in-game notice

List of Changes - Forum\Anti-Idle the Game (by Tukkun) Psod. (legacy thread)

List of Changes - Forum\Anti-Idle the Game (by Tukkun) (current thread)

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