Here is a collection of wisdom whispers from the dragon. There are 614 in game:

  • I spent 25 hours a day reading the forums. Isn't it funny how people keep asking questions that are clearly stated in the FAQ?
  • Ah, these Coins.. They are for me, right? Om Nom Nom Nom
  • Level 4 or higher Bestiary entries also adds to your boosts! Free Boosts FTW!
  • Perfect clicks in the Button Machine also gives you +1% All Boosts!
  • ... zzz...
  • The 'AI' on that shield below there stands for 'Artificial Intelligence'. The shield is automatically controlled
    somehow, it seems.
  • Also, you cannot take that sword below there because of a seal... or so. But the seal can be broken easily if you feed me some more!!!
  • Believe.
  • The RAGE meter in the Battle Arena increases your damage, even without any rage skills.
  • 'The Explosion' update sure did take long to arrive.
  • Try your best to keep your Hit Combo in the Button Machine. It adds up to 200% to reward multiplier!
  • Did you know that when your printer battery only has 1 charge left, it takes almost an hour to print a few thousand coins!
  • Ctrl+S opens stats screen (achievement)
  • 'The Explosion' update caused 273942 meaningless units of rage, if it's OVAR 100%, it depletes at a rate of 338%.

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