Anti Idle The Game Battle Arena

The Battle Arena (often referred to as "BA") is a fighting simulator in the Anti-Idle: The Game. Your avatar fights an unlimited number of enemies, one at a time. The types of enemies that appear depend on the setting your avatar chooses to visit. Your avatar can use equipment acquired in other parts of Anti-Idle or crafted from materials looted from enemies in BA. Your avatar also has its own level, different from your player level, that dictates what special arena abilities are available to it in battle. Your avatar also has basic stats which may be raised using pixels awarded for killing enemies. Kills also raise your player's EXP and coins, and may produce loot drops containing more coins, including green and blue. Overall, Battle Arena is the most complex of Anti-Idle's main features, and typically consumes the majority of time spent by players.

Newb StatsEdit

There are 6 stats for the player:

Name Effect Growth/Level: (is with level-upping!) Growth/Rank Max
Attack More damage dealt 2 2+sqrt (Rank/6) 90,000
Defense Less damage taken 2+sqrt (level/5.901) 2+sqrt (Rank/6) 90,000
HP Can survive stronger attacks, faster HP recharge 12~15 12+sqrt(Rank*2) 900,000
MP Can use more skills, faster MP recharge 6~7 3+sqrt (Rank) 360,000
Accuracy Higher chance to hit enemies 1 1+sqrt(Rank/12) 18,000
Evasion Higher chance to dodge attacks 1 1+sqrt(Rank/12) 18,000

Skills (Post-Explosion/v1504) INCOMPLETEEdit


Basic Attack - Upgrades the Basic Attack and Auto-Fight damage | Max Level: 20

Level Effect
1 100% power (pun intended) is 109%.
P/ Level +5% Basic Attack Damage | +2% Auto-Damage

Heal - Heals yourself and damage undead monsters. | Max Level: 10

Level Effect
1 MP Cost: 210 | Recovery: 45% of MaxHP | Damage vs. Undead: 260%
p/ Level MP Cost: +10 | Recovery: +5% of MaxHP | Damage vs. Undead: +10%

Quick Attack - Fast and deadly attack. Triple attacks. | Max Level: 30

Level Effect
1 MP Cost: 41 | Damage: 66% x 3 | Delay: 158
p/ Level MP Cost: +1 | Damage: +1% | Delay: -2 (pun intended) = delay: -2.975

Dexterity Enhancement - Permanently increases Accuracy and Evasion.

Level Effect
1 Accuracy: +2%, Evasion: +2%
1+ Accuracy: +2%*level, Evasion: +2%*level

Weapon Mastery - Permanently increases the Mastery of your weapon, increasing your minimum damage.

Level Effect
1 Mastery: +1%
1+ Mastery: +1%*level

HP Recovery - You recover more HP every 1 second. Save potions!

Level Effect
1 HP Recovery: +40%
1+ HP Recovery:+40%*level

Combo Power - As your combo increases, you get more powerful!

Level Effect
1 Attack +2% every 10 Combo, until 10 Combo
1+ Attack +2% every 10 Combo, until 10*level Combo

Tier 2 (Required: 87 SP spent)Edit

Power Attack (Active) - Attacks slowly, but deals extremely high damage to the monster.

Level Effect
1 MP -210, Damage: 310%, Knockback: 100%, Delay: 194
30 MP -500, Damage: 600%, Knockback: 100%, Delay: 165

Quick Attack Improve - Increases the power of Quick Attack even more.

Level Effect
1 Quick Attack Damage: +2%
25 Quick Attack Damage: +50%

Inactive (un-active): Invisible Armor - Gives you an invisble armor, which takes a percentage of damage dealt to you.



1 Damage Taken: -1%
30 Damage Taken: -30%

Artful Dodger - Gives you a chance to avoid any attack.

Level Effect
1 Dodge Chance: +1%
30 Dodge Chance: +45%

Weapon Booster - Increases the speed of your weapon, allowing you to attack even faster! Attack Speed can now be higher than 25.

Level Effect
1 Attack Speed: +1%
20 Attack Speed: +40%

Critical Force - Increases your critical damage.

Level Effect
1 Critical Damage: +2%
30 Critical Damage: +60%

HP Boost - Increases your maximum HP.

Level Effect
1 Maximum HP: +1%
20 Maximum HP: +20%

Combo Protection - As your combo increases, you get more defensive! But you still lose your combo when you get hit.

Level Effect
1 Damage Taken -2%, Dodge Chance +1% every 10 Combo, until (now 20) Combo!
10 Damage Taken -2%, Dodge Chance +1% every 10 Combo, until ( THIS is the OLD!) (200), (now 400) Combo!

Tier 3 (Required: 207 SP spent)Edit

Super Knockback (Active) - Knocks the monster back a far distance while dealing massive damage. 1.5x bonus damage if you use a melee weapon!

Level Effect
1 MP -820, Damage: 365%, Knockback: 213%, Delay: 220
30 MP -1400, Damage: 800%, Knockback: 290%, Delay: 188

Power Attack Improve - Increases the power of Power Attack without increasing MP cost.

Level Effect
1 Power Attack Damage: +5%
25 Power Attack Damage: +125%

Invisible Weapon - Gives you an invisble armor, which you can use in combination with another weapon, to add more to your damage.

Level Effect
1 Weapon Attack: +2
30 Weapon Attack: +60

Accuracy Boost - Allows you to ignore the monster's ability to evade... sometimes, but it's still good.

Level Effect
1 Hit Chance: +1%
30 Hit Chance: +30%

Critical Chance - Increases your critical chance.

Level Effect
1 Critical Chance: +1%
10 Critical Chance: +10%

MP Recovery - You recover more MP every 1 second. Save even more potions!

Level Effect
1 MP Recovery: +40%
10 MP Recovery: +400%

Combo Critical - As your combo increases, your critical chance and damage increases!

Level Effect
1 Critical Chance +1%, Critical Damage +3% every 10 Combo, until 10 Combo
15 Critical Chance +1%, Critical Damage +3% every 10 Combo, until 300 Combo

Rage Mastery - After putting skill points in this useless skill, you get so angry that your RAGE meter decreases slower.

Level Effect
1 Rage Depletion: -5%
10 Rage Depletion: -50%

Learner - Every kill is new experience! Gain more EXP when you kill a monster! (this applies to BOTH EXPERIENCE!)

Level Effect
1 EXP Gain: +1%, Arena EXP, +1%!
50 EXP Gain: +50%, Arena EXP, +50%!

Drain - Convert part of damage dealt into HP, so you can heal when you attack. You cannot drain more than 40% of your MaxHP per hit.

Level Effect
1 Converts 1% of damage dealt by ALL ENEMIES into HP! because of an update!
10 Converst 10% of damage dealt by ALL ENEMIES into HP!

Coup de Grace - Because overkilling is awesome.

Level Effect
1 When monster's HP is below 0.5%, always Critical for 2000% damage
20 When monster's HP is below 10%, always Critical for 2000% damage

Tier 1 Mastery - Increases the max level of all tier 1 skills.

Level Effect
1 Tier 1 Skill Max Level: +1
2 Tier 1 Skill Max Level: +2

Tier 4 (Required: 357 SP spent)Edit

Combo Strike (Active) - Uses the power of COMBO to deal extreme damage and fill your RAGE meter. When you use this skill, your combo will break.

Level Effect
1 Min. Combo Required: 390, Damage: 1047% (+0.2%/Combo), Rage: 21%, Delay: 275
30 Min. Combo Required: 100, Damage: 1337% (+0.2%/Combo), Rage: 50%, Delay: 275

Super Knockback Improve - Increases the power of Super Knockback without increasing MP cost.

Level Effect
1 Super Attack Damage: +7%
25 Super Attack Damage: +187%

High Mastery - Furthermore increases the Mastery of your weapon. Also increases the attack power of your weapon.

Level Effect
1 Mastery: +1%, Weapon Attack: +1
20 Mastery: +20%, Weapon Attack: +20

Keen Eyes - Allows you to find the monster's weaknesses and ignore part of monster's defense.

Level Effect
1 Critical Damage: +3%. Ignore 1% of monster's DEF.
30 Critical Damage: +90%. Ignore 30% of monster's DEF.

Overpowered Tanker - Or maybe not. I don't know.

Level Effect
1 Maximum HP: +1%
30 Maximum HP: +30%, Damage Taken: -15%

MP Boost - Increases your maximum MP.

Level Effect
1 Maximum MP: +5%
20 Maximum MP: +100%

'potions [PROFANITY] 1/5' - Spread lies about potions in order to make them only 1/5th as effective.

Level Effect
1 Potion Cost: -80%

Combo Reward - As your Combo increases, your EXP, Coin and Pixel gain increases!

Level Effect
1 Reward +1% every 10 Combo, until 20 Combo
20 Reward +1% every 10 Combo, until 400 Combo

Rage Power - Your damage increases as the RAGE meter fills! Most effective when the RAGE meter is full.

Level Effect
1 Rage Attack: +5%
20 Rage Attack: +60%

Money UP! - Yay, more money!

Level Effect
1 Coin Gain: +5%, Pixel Gain: +1%
50 Coin Gain: +100%, Pixel Gain: +50%

Mana Eater - Allows you to eat the monster when it dies and gain MP. Rumor says that monsters are really delicious.

Level Effect
1 When a monster is killed, MP +60
10 When a monster is killed, MP +600

Poison Ability - Chance to poison the monster whenever you attack.

Level Effect
1 Poison Chance: +1%
10 Poison Chance: +15%

Weaken Ability - Chance to weaken the monster whenever you attack.

Level Effect
1 Weaken Chance: +1%
10 Weaken Chance: +15%

Blind Ability - Chance to blind the monster whenever you attack.

Level Effect
1 Blind Chance: +1%
10 Blind Chance: +15%

Tier 2 Mastery - Increases the max level of all tier 2 skills.

Level Effect
1 Tier 2 Skill Max Level: +1
2 Tier 2 Skill Max Level: +2

Tier 5 (Required: 480 SP spent)Edit

Mana Shield- Hold Space to activate Mana Shield. 50% of damage is dealt to MP when Mana Shield is active.

Level Effect
1 Can Activate Mana Shield

Explosive Attacks - Your attacks have a chance to stun the monster for 0.5 whole seconds.

Level Effect
1 Stun Chance 1%
10 Stun Chance 10%

Poison Power - Increase Poison damage and duration.

Level Effect
1 Poison Damage 520% Duration 5 sec
20 Poison Damage 900% Duration 9 sec

Weaken Power - Makes weakened enemies even weaker.

Level Effect
1 Monster attack/defense -21% Duration 5 sec
20 Monster attack/defense -40% Duration 9 sec

Blind Power - Makes blind even more effective.

Level Effect
1 Monster accuracy/evasion -21% Duration 5 sec
20 Monster accuracy/evasion -40% Duration 9 sec

Panic - Your attack speed increases as the rage meter fills up! Most effective when rage meter is full.

Level Effect
1 Rage Attack Speed: +4%
20 Rage Attack Speed: +80%

Five-Leaf Clover - Gives a lot of luck in the form of loot drops. It is not a clover though.

Level Effect
1 Drop Rate: +5%
10 Drop Rate: +50%

Reflect - Because monsters that attack you must die faster.

Level Effect
1 Reflect Damage +15%
10 Reflect Damage +150%

Magic Reflect - Now you can reflect ranged attacks too.

Level Effect
1 Magic Reflect: 15% of physical reflect
10 Magic Reflect: 150% of physical reflect

Auto Steal - Steals stuff from monsters. Automatically.

Level Effect
1 Gain Coins and Pixels based on damage dealt
30 Gain Coins and Pixels based on damage dealt

Auto Fight Improve - Self-explanitory. Also improves basic attack for some wierd reason. Don't ask.

Level Effect

Basic Attack Damage: +5%

Auto Fight Damage: +1.5%


Basic Attack Damage: +150%

Auto Fight Damage: +45%

Tier 3 Mastery - Increase the max level of most (but not all!) tier 3 skills.

Level Effect
1 Tier 3 Skill max level +1
2 Tier 3 Skill max level +2

Enemy HP barEdit

It can be in five colors:

Red - Standard monster.

White - Zombie monster, immune to poison and weak to heal.

Green - Killing this monster will insta-spawn monster (Bestiary says what monster it insta-spawns and chance of monsters insta-spawning it).

Purple - Boss monster.

Before the Explosion: Orange - Monster can explode after some time or if its HP is low enough.


Mission Kommander's MissionEdit

You can receive this mission in the Safe Zone. This mission requires you to kill a specific amount of monsters, . The amount of points granted is based on the color of the monster name.

After completing this mission, the player receives some Insta-Progress, a Pixellated Mystery Box (more after completing the mission a few times), arena EXP and 1 Proof of Mission.

Defend The '??? Generator'Edit

You can get this mission in 9001 (can be accessed by entering the hole in Triangle Land).

The mission requires you to stay alive for 4 minutes with only 100 HP and no defense while killing monsters with a Special Wand.

You will automatically be moved to the Secret Lab after completing it.

Prehistoric MissionEdit

This mission involves surviving in a randomly generated set of rooms while killing monsters. During the mission, your Attack and Defense are reduced by 83.8%.

You get a random reward (EXP, Coins, Green Coins, Attack, Defense, MaxHP, MaxMP) after completing it, as well as proof of missions equal to x * x where X is the bonus displayed on the top which is based on how fast you kill the Power Stone, Elite Crab, Final Alien Boss, and Alien Treasure.

guide by wecl0me12:



Melee weaponsEdit

Can only attack enemies at a close range. Usually more powerful than ranged weapons.

Ranged weaponsEdit

Can attack enemies no matter how far they are from you, but attack power is usually weaker.


Including 5 parts: hat, shirt, gloves, pants, and shoes. Armor provides better defense and special bonuses.


Including 4 parts: gem, medal, pendant, and earrings.


Rings can be found as rare drops from monsters and must be picked up with the mouse before they disappear. The name of the ring is generated at random, in case you pick up a ring with the same name as one you already own, instead, you will receive a random amount of pixels and a stat bonus. Since the explosion, no rings can be bought with pixels anymore.

Only one can be equipped at a time, and they give great boosts to the player. BEWARE you lose all of them if you die, unless you have Protection Ring equipped.

After the Explosion, many rings have had their abilities changed. Some were deleted, some added.

Post-Explosion RingsEdit

Ring Effect
Health Maximum HP +40%, HP Recovery +400%
Mana Maximum MP +60%, MP Recovery +200%
Power +20% ATK, Ignore 20% of the monster DEF
Speed +40% ATK SPD (Max. 25)
Mastery Mastery +40% (Max. 100%)
Critical Critical Chance +10%, Critical Damage +30%
Defence DEF +20%, Damage Taken -10%
Reflection Damage Reflect +200%
Accuracy Accuracy +30%, Hit Chance +10%
Evasion Evasion +30%, Dodge Chance +10%
Protection While wearing this ring, you will not lose any Rings, Pixels nor Arena EXP upon death.
Leech Absorb 0.5% DMG Dealt as HP, +300 MP Upon Monster Death
Chaos +5% to Poison, Weaken, Blind and Stun Chances
Encounter Monster Spawn +20%
Experience EXP +20%
Greed Coin and Pixel Gain +20%

Pre-Explosion RingsEdit

Ring Effect How to get
Health Maximum HP +100%, HP recovery +20% Rare drop
Mana Maximum MP +100%, MP recovery +20% Rare drop
Knockback Knockback distance +20% Rare drop
Defense Damage -20%, Evade chance +20% Rare drop
Critical Critical chance +50%, Mega Critical chance +1% Rare drop
Encounter Encounter delay -25% Rare drop
Speed Attack speed +50% (maximum: 25) Rare drop
Accuracy 50% chance to ignore enemy Evasion, allowing attacks to hit regardless of other factors. 14,000 Pixels at shop or ultra rare drop
Revenge 5% chance to encounter the monster you need for your mission, no matter where you are. 350,000 Pixels at shop or ultra rare drop
Protection When you wear this ring, you will not lose any Rings and Pixels when you die. 70,000 Pixels at shop or ultra rare drop
Mastery Mastery +20% (maximum: 100%) Rare drop
Power Damage dealt +15% Rare drop
Experience EXP Gain +20% Rare drop

Coin and Pixel Gain +20%

Rare drop


Pendants are much rarer than rings. These bonuses are the same kind of bonuses that weapons and armor has. Most pendants can't be upgraded, though there are some upgradeable pendants that have no previous bonuses.


You can craft items using 'Crafting Material', which is... material you need for crafting. You can craft more items by unlocking Recipes. Some items require Proof of Mission/Training, which you can obtain from raids, such as the Special Arena and the Defend Mission.

As of the Awesome Update, this is the main way to get items since the Pixel Shop was removed.

Item EnhancementEdit

As of version 1359, all Enhancements are done through special items which can be bought or dropped by enemies.

Most Bonuses and Abilities have a base 70% chance of success, though some have up to 90%, and Elementals have a base of 45%. Bonuses are green in color. Abilities are blue in color. A piece of equipment can have one Bonus and one Ability at the same time.


Bonus Effect
Bosshunter If monster is a boss, reward +10%
Brave Warrior If monster is too strong, reward +10%
Combo Reward Reward increased depending on Combo
Gambler Reward is randomized from 0%~210%
Mega Rampage When HP is below maximum, Mega Critical +2%; +1% more Mega Critical chance per 5% HP lost.
More Coins Coin +10%
More EXP EXP +10%
More Pixels Pixel +10%
Rampage When HP is below maximum, Critical +5%; +1% more Critical chance per 2% HP lost
Refill HP +100% when you kill a monster (Note:If you have Ring of Health, it will refill your hp to max you would had *without* ring)
Yellow Madness If monster is too weak, reward +10%
Fire Element Strong against Ice (weapon); 25% resistance to Fire (armor)
Ice Element Strong against Wind (weapon); 25% resistance to Ice (armor)
Wind Element Strong against Earth (weapon); 25% resistance to Wind (armor)
Earth Element

Strong against Thunder (weapon); 25% resistance to Earth (armor)

Thunder Element Strong against Water (weapon); 25% resistance to Thunder (armor)
Water Element Strong against Fire (weapon); 25% resistance to Water (armor)
Light Element Strong against Dark (weapon); 25% resistance to Light (armor)
Dark Element Strong against Light (weapon); 25% resistance to Dark (armor)
Contributor Reward increased by 0%-20%.


Ability Effect
Absorb Recover HP equal to 2% of damage dealt
Accuracy If your attack misses, 20% chance to hit the monster, despite the fact that you initially missed.
Autosteal Gain Coins and Pixels depending on damage
Blind 5% chance to cast Blind
Damage UP Damage dealt +10%
Evasion If an enemy's attack hits you, 10% chance to dodge the attack anyway, despite the fact that they initially hit.
Extra Combo 50% chance for 1 extra combo
Health UP MaxHP +10%
Ignore Defense Ignore 10% of enemy defense
Invincible 10% chance for 10sec. invincibility when attacked (Not actual invincibility, just halves damage)
Mana Leech Gain 5 MP whenever you attack
Mana Shield 50% of damage taken is dealt to MP
Mana UP MaxMP +10%
Mastery UP +10% Weapon Mastery
Mega Invincible

1% chance for 200sec. invincibility when attacked (Not actual invincibility, just halves damage)

Poison Poison enemy for 1sec.
Poison Resist Reduces Poison duration
Reflect Deal more damage when attacked
Regeneration HP recovery +50%
Shield Damage taken -10%
Shield Break 5% chance to cast Shield Break
Silence 5% chance to cast Silence
Silence Resist Reduces Silence duration
Slow 5% chance to cast Slow
Stun Stun enemy for 0.7sec. when attacked
Weaken 5% chance to cast Weaken
Weaken Resist Reduces Weaken duration
9001 Can defeat aliens
Burning Can defeat Grinning Colossus

Stat UpgradingEdit

You can also upgrade the stats of an item, however, there is a chance of failing, and if it fails, there is a chance that the item will become time-limited. For weapons, you can upgrade attack power and attack speed. For armor, you can upgrade defense. The stat increase, success rate, destruction rate, and decay rate depend on the enhancement item in question. There are few enhancers with 0% destruction rate, which can't be get by drops or by shop (you get them by Pixelated Mystery Box or "A New Invention" quest).

Special AreasEdit

Note: It is highly advised that you avoid most of the following areas until you reach Level 1000 (except for the pyramid, polluted sky, ropeless room, and Infinity-Prehistoric area). Please exercise due caution and equip the Protection Ring before entering any of these areas.

Epic Pyramid BattleEdit

      • Outdated with Explosion***

From the game:

GOAL: Kill as many monsters as possible in 200 seconds.
1. Monsters spawn instantly.  There is no waiting time.
2. Potions and Buffs are not allowed.
3. Your stats will be changed.  Defense won't work.
4. If you quit midway, you lose.

1. You gain extra EXP if you make it to the end!
2. You get special weapons if your score is high enough!

It is a minigame that can be accessed by clicking the gold pyramid in The Desert. Entering uses up a pyramid key each time. When entering, you have 3 seconds (the timer starts at 203 sec.) to position your fingers before the enemies start spawning.

Fast ranged weapons are great here. Things like Blood Claw and Golden Gun are very useful, and laser gun is a great weapon if you can make up for its suckish attack.

The Special ArenaEdit

It is a "minigame" that can be accessed by clicking the black rectangle in the Advanced Training Zone . Entering uses up a special arena key each time. You have 6 minutes to kill all of the "bosses", from weak ones to strong ones, with THE MEGABOSS being the last monster. If you manage to defeat THE MEGABOSS, you will get huge rewards! When you are in here, your damage resist gets a huge buff, but heal is capped at 5000, and you cannot use potions.

Polluted SkyEdit

An area that is accessed from The Sky. It has the same monsters as The Sky, plus Beeterfly and Air Spirit. There is a 45-minute time limit.

Dark PortalEdit

You will end up here after falling down from the Danger Zone. From here, you can access Volcano Peak (top left, Frosty Zone (top right), Secret Beach (bottom left), Scary Graveyard (bottom right) or Ropeless Room (top middle) - but make your decision quickly, or The Guardian will appear!

Note: The Guardian is in fact defeatable at higher levels (about 2,850.), you will still need very high stats, and high damage resist. Negate status effect chance might help too.

Ropeless RoomEdit

It's where you will encounter Grinning Colossus, one of the "special" bosses in this game. This monster can ONLY be damaged by using the Burned Rope.

Volcano Peak / Frosty ZoneEdit

The 2 new dungeons that were added in version 1337. There is a 89-minute time limit in each zones. Good if you have a weapon with elemental bonuses. Enemies give decent EXP, too.

Scary GraveyardEdit

One of the areas you can access when falling down from the Danger Zone. Here, you can kill monsters you have killed before... in their non-zombified form, and with a almost-on-max defense. Remember to bring along Magic Heal or Zeal, this damages zombies.

Secret BeachEdit

This is the third area you can reach from falling in the Danger Zone. It's similar to The Beach, but with less monsters. Also, two bosses, Sea Spirit and Zombie Duck, spawn here.

Pirate Ship InteriorEdit

Can be accessed by clicking the down arrow in Pirate Ship. Monsters in this area have quite high evasion. The monsters are stronger than ones in Dragon Cave and weaker than ones in Pirate Ship. There is a 90-minute time limit.

Mystic PathEdit

Can be accessed by clicking the top arrow in Pirate Ship. This is an underwater area, so you will slowly take gradually increasing damage over time. Monsters in this area give a lot of Coins, and have massive defense.

2012 - *Safe* ZoneEdit

Just kidding, it isn't safe. This place spawns Chuck Norris. He is an almost-on-epic-stage boss that requires /huge/ stats to defeat. If you beat him, you get huge rewards and the special move Roundhouse Kick.

(Can be accessed by using the hole of time)



9001 - Mystic ForestEdit

An area that is quite good for training. Enemies here are about level 2500~3000. You have to use the Special Wand to kill the monsters though.

(Can be accessed by using the hole of time)

9001 - Near the '??? Generator'Edit

Where the Defend mission takes place. Requires a key to enter. You are automatically
 teleported to the secret lab when you survive for 4 minutes. If you survive, you 
get an enchancer with 0 destruction rate!

(Can be accessed by using the hole of time) note you have unlimited health! at 'near the '??? generator.

9001 - Secret LabEdit

After surviving for 3 minutes at the Defend Mission, you are taken to the Secret Lab. You will take damage over time by an 'almost overwhelming force', similar to that of the Mystic Path. The only monsters in the Secret Lab are bosses named '???', of which there are 10. Before the Explosion, this area required an Entry Pass.

-Infinity - Prehistoric AreaEdit

I have no idea why this area exists. But it is actually very good if you manage to repair your Time Machine before level 200. (Pre-Boom)

Can be accessed by using the hole of time

-Infinity - The MissionEdit

It's another mission - a very dangerous one. Please wear Protection Ring unless you know what you are supposed to do. If you can complete it, however, you get proofs of mission. These are required for crafting special weapons.

(Can be accessed by using the hole of time)

Tower of DoomEdit

A raid similar to the Special Arena, however, no key is required to enter. You fight consecutive monsters until you get to the Boss of DOOOOOOM (BoD). He is hard to defeat, but if you win, you get a very powerful weapon and huge rewards. Rare chance=100%, boss chance=100%.

The CorruptionEdit

A special place that can be accessed from the Ye Olde Pub at the 15th or 45th minute from 6:15~22:45. The monsters in this place scale with your stats. To enter you must be at least level 1,000.

Pokayman CityEdit

A location that is accessable by clicking the oddly-colored pixel in the Binary Battlefield. This place has monsters that are stronger than Smiley Island.

Not Copyright InfringementEdit

Secret Entrance, Spooky Crypt, Secret DungeonEdit

Secret areas that are found by the cave in Pokayman City. Entry to the Crypt and basement require a Spooky Key, which can be found randomly by throwing to-be-nerfed gems into the dark pyramid. Dying here will not lose your rings or arena EXP

(pre-BOOM) Time Machine Enemies have a chance to drop "Time Pieces" when they are killed. The color of the piece dropped is the same as the enemy's name (yellow-named enemies don't drop any color).

In order to actually use the Time Machine, you must repair it. There are two ways to repair it: Using Time pieces or Pixels. 1337 White Pieces repairs 10%, 1337 Red Pieces repairs 20%, 1337 Purple Pieces repairs 30%, and 50,000 Pixels repairs 5%. Any combination of resources can be used to repair it. Taking damage also damages the machine, so you probably shouldn't repair it "as you go".

There is also an option to "visit" it by paying 9001 Pixels.
You can get an achievement and a pet by visiting it between 10% and 25%
repaired, and it must be 100% for you to actually use it. W

hen using the Time Machine when
it's "ready", you can transport to some "special" Arena areas.

The "time machine" is now a hole in the wall of triangle land.

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