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Currently Ownerless, but we prefer it that way.


BabiesHavnRabiesModerator iconEdit

It’s babies having rabies, not babies shaving rabies. KIA.

Babies havn rabies havn babiess! Baby Babby will be arrivin' in no time! c:

HookedonOnyxModerator iconEdit

It is illegal to own more than 5 grams of HookedonOnyx.

KeckersModerator iconEdit

The mod with a beard. He doles out justice like a drug dealer to an addict.

MetalrodentModerator iconEdit

Old mod, old reg. Already following in Storageheater’s crazy footsteps. Again, be wary of links.

Stanwise Moderator iconEdit

The best of a bad lot.

TwilightNomadModerator iconEdit

Crazy, seems to actually like people, and get on with everyone. Talks constantly. Is invited to every wedding ever, hypothetical or not.

epeenModerator icon Edit

$wag; Batman of Ant Hill.


Double12222 Edit

Benches 840, nuff said. rekt

Even616 Edit

Amateur pedophile.


Exists, except when doesnt.


A rockin’ fella that’s been in Ant Hill for over a year. He might be batman with the way he dodges some questions. He's probably batman. (With a little B. Not at all like Batman).

NecroShade666 Edit

Cynical genius.


Is lame, very very lame. Ain't so shabby once you get to know her.


Is a humorless, and solipsistic prude.

Quince1987 Edit

President of Ant Hill.

Reno911 Edit

Genius cynic.


Looking for love.

Storageheater Edit

Is an old reg. Has the most horrible selection of links. Very wise and considered old. Recently demodded as the admins couldn’t handle his heat.

Theeberk Edit

Voted best body on Kongregate.

Will1900 Edit

The 'little brother' of Ant Hill.



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