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Another Cave Runner is a simple side-scrolling running platformer, similar to games like Canabalt.


You control a guy who is running through a cave, but you cannot control his speed. The speed increases while you run, but you lose speed as you hit an obstacle All you can do is do your best to avoid obstacles and survive as long as possible. The player has three actions available to them, jumping over obstacles, swinging a sword to hit enemies and enable power-ups to slow down time. The game has two modes, a Basic Mode where you run endlessly and a Story Mode where you get experience points as you kill enemies and gain levels. As you gain levels, your character gets more hit points which allow him to take more damage and also gain more passive skills.



All Skills


The game has 16 achievements awarded for reaching specific in-game goals.


  Another Good Start Badge
Easy pts
Another Cave Runner » Reach character level 5 in story mode
  Been There, Ran That Badge
Medium pts
Another Cave Runner » Reach the end of the tunnel in story mode

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