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American Racing is a badged game on Kongregate.



  1. Calendar Completer - Complete every calendar event (44 total)
  2. Endurance Racer - Play for over 60 minutes
  3. Lap Master - Completed 50 Laps in total
  4. The Winner - Win 5 races
  5. Top 3 - Finish in the top 3 in 10 races
  6. King Of Boost - Total Boost time of 360 seconds
  7. Draft Champion - Draft for 180 seconds in your career
  8. Cone Mangler - Hit 1000 cones in total
  9. Object Destroyer - Hit 300 objects in total
  10. Spin Master - Have a hand in spinning off 25 cars
  11. Road Hog - Hit 500 cars in total
  12. Overtaker Master - Overtake 500 cars in your career
  13. Spin City - Spin off 5 times
  14. Big Earner - Have $10,000 in the bank



  Calendar Crawling Badge
Easy pts
American Racing » Unlock February
  Fast Lane Fury Badge
Medium pts
American Racing » Pass 1,000 total cars
  American Exceptionalism Badge
Hard pts
American Racing » Earn 30 gold medals

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