Aliens Kidnapped Betty is a single-button puzzle platformer game about an alien kidnapping. The game was sponsored by NotDoppler.


It was a normal evening, with the only unusual thing being a woman who tells a man to hurry up instead of the other way round, when aliens kidnapped said woman (Betty) using their magic-alien-beam-that-makes-humans-float. As the guy (Mike) who let her get kidnapped, you were heroic enough to volunteer for the job of saving her...


This would be like any normal platformer game except for one small detail; you cannot determine where Mike goes. He will move in one direction until he hits a wall, then turns right around and continues. The only thing you can do for him is to make him jump over obstacles and hopefully into the Dibbles-style markers that lead him to change directions before he impales himself on spikes. Basically, the only way to interact is the jump button.

There are 24 levels divided into three story episodes, in addition to three bonus levels. The game gets increasingly difficult as you progress through the levels. Most levels also have a number of coins, which only act as collectibles.


  Hot on the Trail Badge
Easy pts
Aliens Kidnapped Betty » Beat level 8
  Bank Rollin' Badge
Medium pts
Aliens Kidnapped Betty » Collect all 43 coins


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